Best graphics card for 250w sff pc

Ive got an AOpen ez65 which has 250w psu, 1 gig ram, 3.0 pentium 4 ht cpu, ive currently got an ATI 9800pro running ok in it, just wondered if it were posible to put in a better card than this.

Ive just tried a x800xt but i just got a bleeping siren when i booted up the pc, not sure if the card was faulty or if it needs a bigger psu.

can you upgrade the psu on a sff pc?

My pc is connected to a lcd tv, so the highest resolution i can goto is 1024x768 im using a vga cable which works ok, if i got a dvi cable (the tv has dvi in)would things improve?
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  1. Perhaps, but it is probably better to update the system than trying to keep this one running. Do you use it only for watching movies or recording TV shows?
  2. watching movies yes but not recording tv shows, would luv to update system but its all down to cash at the end of the day, is there a chart anywhere thats shows power consumption of graphics cards
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