First build - please review

Hi everyone

I'm looking to replace my aging S939 AGP system with a mid to high end gaming rig. This will be my first full build, although I have done simple upgrades such as memory, graphics cards and hard drives before.

I am hoping to keep the price below £700, but will go up to £750 if needed. However I cannot go a penny over £750.

I am fairly sensitive to system noise, so while I am hoping to do a small overclock I will not take it very far so the fans can still run relatively slowly.

The rig will be multibooting between XP-32, Vista-64 and PCLinuxOS. I know a 32-bit OS will not be able to address the full 4GB memory.

Could someone please review my spec and give any suggestions?

Q6000 OEM - £151.99
(I do not feel I will need the extra single threaded speed of the E8*** in the short term, and longer term the quad core will become more useful)

GA-P35C-DS3R - £73.36
(I will probably be installing more hard drives and RAIDing at a later date)

Geil Black Dragon 2x2GB - £64.04
(I know this is CAS5, but it is very cheap and I have heard very good things about it. Can anyone give any advice on whether I should go with this or if not then something else?)

Graphics Card
Innovision 8800GTS G92 - £184.99

Power Supply
Corsair HX 620W - £84.99

CPU Cooling
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro - £14.99

Hard disc
Samsung Spinpoint 500GB - £59.99
(Cannot afford to be buying a raptor and would prefer to use a single 500GB instead of 2x250 in RAID0 as I will likely get another couple of 500GB to run RAID5 later)

Floppy drive
Generic - £3.71

Optical drive
Samsung 20x SATA DVDRW with Nero - £18.66

Antec P182 - £78.77
(Good airflow and much quieter than Antec 900)

Total Price - £735.49

Any advice on this build would be much appreciated.
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  1. Sorry - I forgot to mention... I will be gaming at a resolution of 1680x1050
  2. What games? It looks like a nice solid build for your budget. If you get a G0 Q6600 you should be able to get to ~3.0 GHz with that cooler.
  3. I will probably be looking at things like UT3, C&C3, Medieval 2: Total War, Bioshock, Oblivion, World in Conflict etc. Might give Crysis another go, but I was pretty unimpressed last time I played it. (I know I wont be able to play Crysis on max settings or anything in DX10 mode!)

    Q6600 from Ebuyer is guaranteed G0, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks for your help
  4. I like your choices.
    You can probably do away with the floppy drive. A USB Flash Drive is a better option.
  5. I doubt I'll need the floppy drive myself, but for the sake of £3, I figure along the lines of "why not" :)
    1: you are still better bugget with the p31
    2: IF you on a low res display better go with 8800gt instead (and well maybe 3850s)
    3: sells 800mhz ddr2 1GB at £11 (my lappy got a 667 cas5 qorks quite well, dont know about this 1 through..)
    4: would you actually need 500GB? i suggest raid 3 of 120s (SATA2 ofcorse)
    5: 64bit is junked for now. i heard there's a way you can get 4gb on the 32bit (why would you buy 2 copies of windows when you only get 8%+ performance and didnt use for generial purposes)
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