Problem with Xpertvision / Palit 8800GT


I am a new owner of this graphics card:

but I have a serious problems with it :(

my PC configuration:
CPU Intel C2D E6750 2.66GHz
MB Asus P5KC
2x 1GB DDR2 ADATA 800Mhz
Xpertvision 8800GT 512MB
HDD Samsung 250GB
no other components are connected to MB or power suply
Power suply Fortron blue storm II 500W
OS Win XP 32bit SP2 with installed latest updates

1. cooling fan runs allways on 100% - is it ok?
2. I can not see core temperature in any utility (Rivatuner, nTunes, ATItool, Speed fan...) - why I can not see temperture?

3. Games crash:
Crysis always freezes after 10 minutes of play ( various resolution, various details ( hight to medium ), NO Antialiasing )
World in conflict always freezes in 5 - 15 minutes of play ( various resolution, various details ( hight to medium ), NO Antialiasing )
Company of heroes Demo freezes after 15 minutes of play ( full resolution and details, NO Antialiasing )

After computer freezes, it is totaly locked so I must manualy restart it.

I have tested with various nVidia driver versions ( 169.02, 169.04, 169.21 169.28 )
Card was not overclocked so it use factory settings ( as all components ).
Card is properly installed and power cable is properly connected to it.
My case is open so all components have access to cool air.

Can anybody help me please?
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  1. Try checking with this video card FAQ/guide I made:

    I would suspect that the PSU isn't strong enough, or the video card itself is defective.
  2. Update:
    3D mark 2006 works fine. score 11 000
    Crysis vga benchmark also works fine (running continously 10 times on hight details, no antialiasing)

    Thank you for your fast reply :)

    I will try to test my memory with Prime95 and test graphics on other computer and better PSU (if I found someone)
  3. Any progress ??

    I have got the same problems with palit 8800GT ( no temperature + laud fan ). I tried many ways (new drivers, bios) and nothing happend.
  4. Is this problem exclusive only to the blue-colored HSF Palit 8800GTs, or does it also affect the normal cards?
    I was thinking of getting a Palit (regular version, though) since it seemed to be cheaper than most, and then getting an aftermarket cooler like the Accelero S1. But after seeing this, I'm having second thoughts.
    Also, attila I'd like to know what happens with your card, so keep us posted.
  5. Well I was only interested in their own custom design, the blue HSF. So that`s what I was having this issue with. I RMA`d it, and the replacement had exactly the same issue. So I got a full refund and still looking for a video card hehe. It`s a shame because if the card works properly, it`s one of the best 8800GT`s out there in my opinion, but I`m getting tired of the hassle, so I`m thinking of buying a more expensive brand. Have a look at this:
  6. Looks nice!
    As I said, though, I'm looking to get a reference card and slap an Accelero S1 on it and cool it passively. Doesn't get much more silent than that.
    Have a look at this:
    I've posted this a couple of times, don't know if you've seen it before, but it's worth taking a look at, IMO.
    Notice the temps when passively cooled and overclocked.
  7. That review always makes me laugh, the guy must be maths-debating while setting up his rig.
  8. Is the reference card too noisy? I heard that it`s not that bad, but doesn`t cool very well.
  9. Some people say it is, otheres say it isn't. If you get the new version of the reference cooler with the bigger fan it should be quieter.
  10. That passive cooler looks impressive, but I`d prefer not to spend any extra if I can get away with it. Plus I managed to fry an x1900xt last time I replaced the stock cooler hehe.
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