erratic CPU usage after applying Antec Silver thermal paste, athlon xp

hello, my cpu was running very hot (70C) so i decided to blow the dust out of the heat sink and clean off the thermal pad or whatever came with the cpu that i never took off before. cleaned it out nicely, wiped down with 99 alcohol, put on antec silver compound. everything fires up fine, (and runs now at 40C!!!!), so i dropped cpu temp by about 30C. the problem is cpu usage is always there, from 30-79 % with no programs running. yesterday, before i cleaned up the old thermal compund. this happened immediately when rebooting the first time.

please advise, did i do something wrong applying the antec silver thermal paste?

what else< if i cant figure it out, im just gonna reformat??@?@?

{wish i coulda got as5 - but couldnt wait for newegg - i know its the best but i needed done}

what would cause drastic cpu jumping around. ill take a screen grab and post it up.

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  1. Look into ProcessExplorer ( to see what's causing your grief. It shouldn't have anything to do with simply cleaning your hs/fan or applying on some thermal compound.

  2. its really strange. if this does not help me, ill just reformat and go from there?

    thanks cneufeld
  3. thanks, was just stupid motherboard monitor - resilvered 4 times just to get some practice ;)
  4. bigsur said:
    thanks, was just stupid motherboard monitor - resilvered 4 times just to get some practice ;)

    you must be a master now that you re-silvered 4 times.
  5. Bigsur, nice country. My brother and sister inlaw live down the road, in Morro Bay.
    A thing you should know is that the TIM you used, and AS5 are bothe conductive. If you aree not carefull, and get some on the connects, it can cause problems.
  6. yes i surf and hike there whenever im not in school
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