P5N32-E SLI PROBLEM, help ASAP pls!!!

my config is the fallowing:
p5n32-e sli 680i chipset (bios 1103 release version)
a-data vitesta extreme 800+ (4-4-4-12 2T, 2.025v, 800mHz, 4x1gb)
q6600 (stock speed + AC freezer 7 PRO)
asus 8800gts 330mb/320bit (stock speeds)
antec basiq power 500W
1x WD 320 s-ata 16mb
asus dvd-writer s-ata
OS Win Vista x64

I cannot install 4gb of ram on my mobo ... reason unknow so far :|
i prolly tryed everything possible... loosing the timings, increasing volts, installing vista with 3gb and then putting anoather 1gb in, what else ?does anyone had the same problems im going through?what is ur opinion ?
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  1. Is it vista thats not reporting 4gig when u have all 4 sticks in place? how much RAM does it state when ur booting up (POST) is in your system?
  2. i cant even boot. when i try to enter windows i get a bosd... my bios is showing 4gb of ram
  3. Do u get a chance to read the error msg when it bsod's?
  4. i get all kind of bosd's ... its not the same everytime it hapens :|
  5. My guess is it's the memory causing the problem you may have to try a different manufacturer. Also when you install Vista 64 do it with only 2g of memory and make sure all the updates for Vista are on your machine then add the other two gig.
  6. http://dlsvr03.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/socket775/P5N32-E%20SLI/P5N32-E_SLI_QVL.pdf

    On the QVL for that board there is only one A-data 1GB module listed and it states that it supports 1 or 2 but not 4 dimms.
  7. any other suggestions ? :|
  8. made my system work ... 4gb a-data BUT .... with my cd-writer unplugged. if i plug it in, i cant even load windows (bosd). i tryed a non s-ata writer .... same problem :|
  9. well well well, im looking to change my mobo ... i would like to know a good one maybe with x38 chipset or 780i wich supports 4gb a-data vitesta extreme 800+. does anyone know any?pls
  10. I have the P5N32-E plus board and added 4gb (2x2) adata RAM and had all sorts of memory crashes and lockups until I changed the following.

    1. Change FSB to unlinked
    2. Change LTD Frequency from 4x to 5x

    I left all the other settings alone.
  11. ltd freq is at 5x from factory settings... i tryed with 4x and same problem ...
    i bought mushkin 2x2gb and i finally have a stable system
  12. Glad you got it worked out
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