Will adding PATA drive help performance?

Hello everyone.

I have a fairly recent system with E8400, 2gig ram, Gigabyte P45, Vista 32bit installed.
Of course it has a SATA drive attached to it. (one 640gb)

I recently came across a old PATA drive, SP1654 160GB/ATA-133/7200RPM/8MB

I thought of using this drive as pagefile drive, to perhaps increase performance.

My MB has one IDE slot, so it's connected and recognized.

My question is, will adding the IDE as a physically separate drive help performance? putting physically separate drive from the OS drive is supposed to help out, but this actually doesn't work if drives are connected to same cable (master,slave) as I understand it, because they share the same channel.

Will adding this IDE drive hurt or improve performance?

Thanks for your opinions
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  1. Test and see is all you can do. Usually putting the pagefile on its own drive seperate from the OS drive can help. Sometimes its noticable sometimes not. Depends on how much it actually gets used.
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