Questions about slightly overclocking my E7200

The E7200 has a 1066 MHz FSB, but I read some where that you can change its default 1066 MHz front side bus to 1333 MHz with and I quote "a simple BIOS setting change." When they said that did they just mean you could overclock the front side bus? or... I know that all the rest of the 45nm core 2 duos have 1333 MHZ FSB by factory default, does the E7200 actually have a 1333 MHz FSB to? but because intel made the chip so cheap they actually dumbed it down to 1066 MHz? I don't really want to change the actual clock speed on the chip from its factory 2.53 GHz to something higher but I would like to take the 1066 FSB to 1333 FSB. Can you do that? and I would only be using the stock heatsink/fan. Thanks for looking!
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  1. If you can't not change the cpu frequency while you up the FSB. FSB x mulitplier = frequency. 1066 / 4 * 9.5 = ~2.53Ghz. If you do 1333 FSB, 1333 / 4 * 9.5 = 3165.875 or ~3.16Ghz. If you want a slight o/c, try 333 x 8 = 2664 or 2.6Ghz. Should be fine on auto voltages. Or even 333 x 9 = 2997 or 2.9Ghz.

    Read this before you o/c.
  2. Give us your full specs.

    Agree with auscanzukus. Read the manual in the link he provided before starting.

    Here is a newer version:

    Also read the C2D temp guide:

    This will give you more insite into cpu voltage, temps and how they are related.

    I read both of those and took OC'c by small bits until i got a stable system.

    auscanzukus is correct. You can up the FSB and reduce your multiplier to achieve the results you are looking for.

    If you do up your FSB make sure you set all your other bios frequencies and clocks to manual or normal NOT automatic. Each automatic setting is based on a ratio or multiplier and some of the settings will increase to dangerous levels. For example: PCIe frenquency should be manually set to 100Mhz. CPUv should be set to manual or normal, for the E7200 between 1.1v-1.34v. If you dont do that, the cpuv could jump to 1.45v-1.5v and fry your cpu.

    See my sig for my results.

    Remember set all other settings to normal or manually set them to normal.
  3. With the E7200 it is very possible to use the stock fan and HS to OC as long as you keep the cpuv low, ~1.32v. I use a Thermaltake Golden Orb 2. It is not a great cooler but it is quiet. I have no problems with heat. The E7200, 45nm, runs with very low wattage, thus runs very cool. If you keep it around 3G, you should have no problems.

    up in small bits and test temps and voltages. Hwmonitor, cpuz, coretemps and realtemps to monitor your temps while running a 15 minute prime95 stress test.
  4. Ok so would it be possible for me to do 8.0x333 to achieve 2.67 GHz Clock speed and 1333 MHz FSB on my E7200? With the stock heatsink/fan that comes with the cpu?
  5. Here are my full specs:

    E7200 CPU w/ Stock cooling

    ZOTAC N73PV LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 7100 Micro ATX Motherboard

    Patriot 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 RAM

    Rosewell 350 watt PSU
  6. as long as your bios allows it, i dont see what it would hurt. As long as:

    - cpu temp stays below 55c

    - keep the cpuv below 1.34v. Start as low as you can as long as it is stable. IF not stable increase a couple of hundredths until it is stable. I started at 1.25v and eventually ended up at 1.31v. I thought it was stable at 1.25v, but COD4 crashed a couple of times. I slightly increased my cpuv and it was good. 8 weeks stable and counting.

    - set all other bios setting to normal or manually set to normal

    - manually set your ratio to keep the RAM clock at ~800mhz

    What i like to do is, first, leave my other bios settings to auto, then set my FSB. While still in the BIOS. I see what all of my voltages and clocks are at auto. That will give you an idea of what to set your cpuv. Now manually set your other bios settings to normal or manual.
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