opinions&suggestions on my new build.Please..intel or

Hey everyone.Im doing a major upgrade in a week or two so id like some feedback from experienced builders.Ive been been asking myself,to intel or not to intel. For intel ive picked out the gigabyte GA-x38-ds4motherboard, core2duo E8400 3ghz, oczPlatinum DDR2 1066, EVGA 8800gts(g92). Orr..amd based..ASUS M3A, AthlonX-2 6400+ ocz or corsair ddr2-800 gaming mem,EVGA 8800gts (g92).I have a silverstone ZEUS 560watt power supply.W/38A 12V rail.SlI ready.OK im not going to sli since I dont want to spend a-lot.Thats the prob with the intel build.$200+ extra.Is it worth it??I know I could pick some cheaper parts but I want to future proof as much as possible.Im going with evga for the step up program-IE geforce 9800 is coming.PCIe2.0 is supported by both.And 1066 mem for intel.DDR3 is still too many bones for me. SOOO what do you all think.Good builds or not.And which one is the better choice??performance VS price of course.???
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  1. I would do the Intel build with a P35 motherboard, the X38's just don't outperform them that much better for the $$$. You can usually overclock ddr2800 ram to 1066, go with Crucial Ballistix there seems to be a few issues with OCZ ram, at least from what I've read on all the forums. What kind of budget do you have and is your main use gaming? Do you need a case and OS?
  2. The intel based is around $850.00 I have a gtower case and xp-home.Main use is gaming.Case has 3 fans.zaleman intake,exhaust and a pci slot cooler to help cool that damn agp X1950xt gecube heater.Any way thats just within my budget.I was considering the GA-P35-DS3R but it doesnt support pcie2.0.And the x-38 got good reviews at newegg (for a x38 board).Ihear they have proglems..I also heard some pcie2 cards are fussy with pcie1 slots.What do you think?
  3. I wouldn't get to worried about pcie2, there are others that know more about it than me, but from what I've read......
    If you have a case and OS how much do you have in mind for the budget?
  4. XFX MB-N680-ILT9 Motherboard $165.12
    ntel E8400 Dual Core Processor $212
    PNY XLR8 GeForce 8800 GT Video Card$240.75
    WD Caviar SE 250GB Hard Drive $64.00
    Patriot Memory 2GB PC2-6400 LAT:4 $73

    tax/shipping $754.87
  5. I have settled on an AMD rig for next upgrade and its interesting that you mentioned the Asus M3A becasue i was torned between that, Biostar T770 annd MSI K9A2 CF :p I wouldn't go for 6000+ series with 125W and all but either a 5000 black or ideally a B3 stepping phenom would be awesome hehe Playing waiting game now..

    Proposed set up vs my needs/budget hehe:
    AMD 5000 Black = $99
    AC 64 Pro cooler = $20
    AM2+ mobo (any of 3 mentioned) $100 max
    HD3850 = $160
    WD Caviar SE 250GB Hard Drive $64.00
    Patriot Memory 2GB PC2-6400 LAT:4 $73

    Total = $517

    p.s If i were to pick Intel that E8400 + P35 choice looks better than X38
  6. I cant seem to find the memory support list on the gigabyte website for the GA-P35-DS3R.The new egg spec section on this board says it will only support a certain memory but doesnt say what memory--go figure.Alot of feedback on the ds3l model says the ds3r is a better board?Any one know of a better brand??for a p-35 around $100
  7. It's on the page with the motherboard, related links in blue and white;
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