PC won't shut down for Sleep mode

I recently built a new computer for myself, and have noticed that the computer continues to run all components after being put into sleep mode. CPU fan, case fans, power supply, the works, none of them are shutting down like they should. Any ideas why?

my system: E6750, stock fan plugged into MB, MSi p35 Platinum, 4GB Crucial Ballistix RAm, two HDDs, 610 PC P&C power supply, Antec Nine Hundred case (four fans running from molexs), DVD burner and running Vista Premium 64 bit.

My first thought was that the fans alone were running just because they weren't plugged into the MB, but then i noticed that everything else was still running, too, except the HDDs, as they shouldn't be. Is this a hardware problem or something waiting to be fixed with Vista? Anyone else having/heard of a problem like this?
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  1. I think it's quite normal. The only way to completely shut down everything is either shut down windows or hibernate (wake up by pushing front power button & the pc will boot up & load windows which loads your memory from a file & restore to the last state). Hibernate must be enabled. Press F1 & look it up.
  2. Yeah, I've tried using hibernate, which works fine, but it's of no benefit to me. I want to put it in sleep mode so when i come back to my computer, it'll be back up and running in just a few seconds, but without burning electricity the whole time I'm gone.. Returning from hibernate takes as long if not longer than simply booting from nil. Any other ideas for the sleep mode?
  3. Go into your BIOS and find the power saving feature; it will be something like Suspend Mode: S1 - use S3 to enable full sleep mode of all components.

    I once had this problem when I first started building machines. Windows can only enable sleep mode as far as the BIOS is willing to go; by setting S3 or whatever it is, the BIOS will allow all the components to go to "sleep."
  4. Bullseye. Whole thing shut down, I pressed a key on the keyboard and shaZAM, it woke up again in less than two seconds. I just noticed that it tells me how to do this in the manual, if I'd actually read to that part. Maybe I should read my MB manual a little more thoroughly next time, eh? Thanks so much for the help, guys!
  5. Glad to hear you solved your problem. I've had a few of those moments too....lol.
  6. I have posted elsewhere on this issue but I'll add it here too. Bit of an update. After about a week the Microsoft Hotfix stopped working and all the usual shutdown, sleep, boot issues returned. After a lot of messing around I tried removing my graphics card (Asus GTX660 Ti) With the card removed the problems went away, put the card back in the problems returned. Soooooo to cut a long story short, I put the Graphics Card Back in and set my Windows sound scheme to 'NO SOUNDS', the pc now shuts down, sleeps, awakens no problems. My theory is the PC shuts down and or goes into sleep mode before the Graphics card gets a chance to 'power off' leaving it in a Limbo state. It's been over a week now and the PC is still fine.
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