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I'm looking to build a home server for storage and backup purposes. There is going to be large quantities of music and video and pictures. I'm not going to be running Photoshop, but the images are high quality/quantity as I am a hobby photographer. I was considering putting a DVD burner on here as well for making copies of data that's on the server. Ripping music from my CDs to digital form is also something I would be interested in.

Right now I'm looking for network connectivity, and two, 1TB drives in Raid 1 configuration.

What sort of processing speed and memory do you guys think? I'm pricing it out now, and its so cheap to get 1 or 2 gigs of (albeit crappy) memory, I don't see why I shouldn't. However, I don't know what sort of processor I need.

My current thoughts were an ASUS enclosure from newegg (140 bucks, comes with 6 in 1 card reader, 4 SATA connections), 1 - 2 gigs of crucial memory (Value or whatever they call it, its DDR2), the two hard drives, windows home server software. Not sure on the processor and fan/heat sink though.

Any of you guys built one recently or know some good specs? I looked at one of HPs but it just seemed like it was asking a lot for what I could build on my own.
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  1. If all you're going to do is use it for storage and the occasional burning then I would look at one of the low wattage dual cores. AMD/Intel its your pick. Any of them will do what you want.
    AMD cpus in the 45 watt range would work.

    Looks like Intel only has a 65W dual core here.
  2. For the RAID configuration, I've never used a barebones system like this before, but would I need to buy a hardware raid controller, or could I just use the one on the motherboard?
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