EVGA 780i + Zalman 9700?

Hey guys I was wondering if first, this would fit and second, if I could still use this even though it has a 4 pin power connector? I've seen people with this mobo and hs/fan on other forums and stuff but I couldn't find any topics discussing the issue. I just ordered all of this stuff so a quick response would be great... gotta know if I need to cancel the order. Thanks!!!
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  1. The fan will fit on the problem without contacting with the vrm heat sinks or the northbridge cooler. In addition, you can run a three pin fan on a four pin cpu fan on the motherboard; you just wont use one pin obviously. The fourth pin enables the motherboard the regulate the speed of the fan based on temps of the cpu, so the fan will just be on all the time in this case.
  2. Umm I didn't quite catch what you were trying to say. It will or won't fit? So would it be running at max all of the time? Do you know of any converters that I could use if any existed?
  3. Sorry, wrote this at 4:00 am my time. The card will fit on the motherboard without any problems. Now the fan will come with its own fan controller if you want to manually adjust it. Under full load the fan is real quiet so noise isnt too much of an issue with this fan.
  4. Ah thanks for the reply, I wasn't paying attention and assumed that the 780i only had a 3 pin connecter. After looking at several pictures / reviews I'm almost 100% positive it does in fact have a 4 pin. Thanks for the info though on whether or not it will fit. Still looks like its going to be a tight squeeze... Noise isn't really an issue though since everything is getting thrown into a Coolermaster Stacker 830. Whats one more fan going to do. :P

    Anyway, thanks for the info!
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