PLease Help with watercooling ZALMAN Reserator OR Thermochill PA120.3

Hey everyone i have a Q6600 and want to watercool it but i want not only a GOOD watercooling system but also Neat!! i first was going for ZALMAN Reserator XT BK Black Reserator it was a good choice because it was real clean look and simple.. but then i did lil more homework and found this beauty Thermochill PA120.3 this reqires a pump? and cpu block of course because i well be doing custom watercooling?? witch should i do if i go for the THERMOCHILL what pump should i get? ANY MORE WATERCOOOLING systems YOU think i should use?

500$ is my max on watercooling :bounce: -----Zalman ---THERMOCHILL ---CPU BLOCK
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  1. whats your case? you migh twant to build a WC system thats all in your case...nothing neater than that

    might be even cheaper
  2. Swiftech makes some great 2x120mm kits...

    You could piece together parts, but I recommend most components in this kit anyway for a beginner. You could probably get by without the NB block, unless you wanted to OC quite a bit. I think it includes the MCW60 GPU block, which is pretty compatible or needs a G80 bracket for $9.

    I cool a Q6600 with a DangerDen TDX block, pump listed in those kits, 2x120mm, passive oil cooler as radiator, DD NB block, Swiftech MCW60 GPU on my 9800gtx.
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