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Hello I'm new here recently I tried reinstalling XP on an HP Pavilion I have had for years and when it went to reboot after reformatting it is stuck at the Bios screen that has HP and then options like press ESC for boot menu. I tried restarting and let it sit for a while too and it does nothing then I tried unplugging drives and I got to the hardrive and when I unplugged it the computer went past the bios. So I was thinking okay bad hardrive well I decided to plug it into my newer computer and it came up in my computer and worked just fine. So what can I do to get my older computer to boot off it's hardrive ? BTW I also tried resetting CMOS (Remove Battery and Put back in).
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  1. If you haven't changed the boot order back, you'll need to set the hard drive as the first boot device.

    Try pressing ESC to get to the boot menu. Choose the hard drive. Does it boot into windows?
  2. Well with the hardrive plugged in when I press ESC or anything it does nothing, and I didn't get to reinstall windows on the hardrive.
  3. Tap the delete key on startup. That's likely the key to access the BIOS. Once in there, set the optical drive as the first boot device. Save the changes, and exit the BIOS.

    You may need to start the format/install process over again.
  4. I did go and try tapping and even holding the delete key and nothing.
  5. Try F1 instead.
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