Just renaming the C partition, my HDD not detectable anymore

just renaming the C partition, my HDD not detectable anymore

even in bios or windows after i rename my C partition that contain system file. i already try to access it by the usb but still not detected..it was my greatest mistake so far because i rename the system file, but i dunno how to undo it..

any thought?
i got important files inside.please
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  1. How did you "rename" it?
    Windows won't allow you to rename a system drive because of the problems it causes.
    If the drive no longer shows in the BIOS, check and double check the cable, then run the manufacturers drive diagnostics disk (or Ultimate Boot CD).
  2. just click in the volume C partition name and rename it...that's all

    during restart,my pc cant boot to the OS and after i logged on BIOS, it doesn't detect my HDD. cable? i checked with my friend too but it went the same way.

    i already run Seatools {seagate hdd utilities) but it also wont detect any hdd. i used ultimate cd to repair, but since my hdd doesnt showed up, i cant repair the changed part..

    dont know what to do right now...
  3. It sound like your had drive is dead and it's not because you tried to rename, MrLinux is right windows wont let you, it's just a coincident that it die when you tried renaming it.
  4. I'd say that yes, it's a coincidence your HD died on partition (or rather "volume") renaming. If even Seatools can't detect your drive (I assume it's a Seagate), then yes, it's probably dead.
    On the off-chance it's a bug, try mounting the hard disk in another PC (one with boot sector virus protection disabled) and try again accessing it with Seatools.
  5. If the BIOS detects the drive you could try booting into the recovery console and running the Fixmbr (same as running "fdisk /mbr")command on the affected drive. This will re-write a damaged/corrupted master boot record. It shouldn't make things worse and will get the data back if it's a problem with a corrupt MBR .

  6. "i already run Seatools {seagate hdd utilities) but it also wont detect any hdd". Sorry! missed this - really should read all the posts. Nope - sounds like the drive is dead. Odd coincidence tho.
  7. There is something your not telling us. Hard drives rarely just "poof" without any warning what so ever. The S.M.A.R.T. utility in the bios would pause the boot process at each reboot if it detected something. I'm guessing its not getting power.

    Did you plug it in? Even a failed hard drive is usually detected in the BIOS if its got power and is connected.

    If it did just go "poof" you're actually in luck. Order a new controller board for it for like $2 dollars and it will run like new. It's when they break mechanically that they can't be fixed.

  8. The drive letter (C:, D: etc) will be protected by Windows, however there is also a drive "label" which is just a text name associated with a drive and can be freely changed at any time.

    If the drive is a Seagate 7200.11, it would be worth checking if it's one of the drives which are currently suffering from bad firmware.
  9. I agree, the BIOS doesn't care what's on the HD. If the BIOS can't see it, then it's either dead, not powered or has a bad cable.
  10. but it's still running, like the normal one...just is not detected. before this, in BIOS, my hdd name as ST00000 (got serial @ name for the hdd) but right now,it just stated 'Hard Disk'....but that one is just in the Boot section,but in the main one said "Not Detected"...

    what i do believe is my hdd is still running or maybe detectable,just the hdd program itself corrupted.firmware? what's that?
  11. Bad controller board. Swap the controller board from the back of it out with one from an identicle drive. It just takes 20 seconds and a screwdriver. Test the drive with the new board. If it works you can buy a controller board from the manufacturer for cheap. It's been like 5 years since I had to do it but back than a new board was under 5 dollars.
  12. ok thanks guys...:)
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