mobo to Composite cable suggestion plz

I have an EVGA 630i mobo, I'm trying to set up an HTPC. I've set up a different HTPC with this TV before successfully, but the setup was a bit different. So right now I'm trying to get the VGA to go out to the Composite inputs on my TV. Not getting a good signal, it's there but it's garbage: looping and no color, it's practically snow. The cable is a VGA->Composite. The VGA port is giving signal, I can hook it up to a monitor. So there must be some issue with the adapter cable. I can't think of anyway to test or troubleshoot this.

Suggestions? What's the best way to get signal from my mobo to my TV? The mobo has DVI, VGA and HDMI (no S-Video). The TV has standard RCA video input and Composite (YYP?) input.

I searched this, but didn't find any answers.

Well, I'm a jackass, I just read the cables description and it says "Not intended to work with a computer's output." Jeez.

So basically I don't have any way to get signal from the PC to the TV and I need a suggestion.
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  1. They make VGA to RCA cables.
    Whats the resolution on your TV?
  2. It's standard, 480i. Or whatever the resolution was when there was only one kind of TV :) Looks like I just didn't know what to type into google. I'll call Radio Shack and see what I can come up with. So RCA is the same as Composite?
  3. No, RCA is not the same as composite.
  4. So the VGA to RCA would be a D15 on one end and a single RCA male on the other end? I put "VGA to RCA" in google and found a cable that was D15->3 RCA jacks. So I'm confused.
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