I murdered my q6600... maybe Pls Help...

After I changed mobo to Striker 2 Formula I was able to oc q6600 to 3.6 Ghz ( Did not try faster yet)

I have a heat problem explained below. Need advice.

Q6600 G0 3.6Ghz oc
Asus Striker 2 Formula
4 Gb OCZ 800Mhz Ram

Core temps average is given taken from Coretemp
Non-Lapped q6600 with 760i at 3.6
Idle 40-45
Load 65-75 Sometimes 80 after several hours of Prime95

Lapped q6600 with 760i at 3.6
Idle 32-36
Load 58-65 Still hits 70 after several hours of Prime95

I think I wasted my money for bigwater 760i, Should I switch to some other cooler.
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  1. These Temps should be fine. From what i have read as long as you keep it below 70 you should be ok. My Temps at 3.6 is in the 60's with a Xigmatech 1283 and a sycthe Craze Fan on it. I have not had a chance to let Prime run over 8 hours but it dose not go up in the time i have ran it. Sounds like you need a bigger radiator. because you start off with great temps and then as the water gets hotter it goes up. Might try and add another radiator to this colling system.
  2. Yes, a Q6600 at 3.6Ghz will run hot, even on watter.
    Also keep in mind that it is summer.
    Once winter comes, your temps will come down and be a little more reasonable.

    Last time I stress tested my Q6600 at 3.6Ghz on watter was during the spring and even then it was maxing out in the mid 60's. With these summer temps, I am idling in the mid to upper 40's and maxing out in the mid to lower 50's under daily use at 3.2Ghz. These chips put out a lot of heat and the summer ambient temperature dose not help the matter any.

    For your overclock, the temps are just fine. If you feel like spending the extra time testing for your lowest stable voltage, you can get a slight reduction in the temps again.

    Good results on the lapping, BTW!
    8-10c is an excellent drop and well worth the time spent.
  3. If i am gonna get same results with some high end air cooling like tuniq tower 120, zerotherm or XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 so maybe i can use the bigwater for the gpu anyways if it is possible for 8800gts 640mb..

    Outlw6669, since it is summer and my wife doesnt let the ambient temp to be less then 26 celcius cos of our baby. Then I guess i should be happy about my results. :D

    pcnut, I guess you are right that the radiator cannot keep up with the 3.6 on full load. However due to 760i being a compact kit I dont think i can change the rad. I do have around 2 empty bays on top and 1 on the bottom of the 760i maybe i can somehow mount another 120mm fan, somehow modding the 760i, Do you think it would help.

    Also the fan blows on 760i from top to bottom, if I put one under the 760i blowing up it will trap the air inside so thats a no go, Would it help to put another fan on top of the radiator blowing down. Would it cool it further.. I know nthn about Fluid dynamics or air circulation ... but that doesn't sound like a bad idea, since jet engines are made by many blades running same direction....
  4. You could put a fan under the unit and pull air from the radiator in a push pull method. what you are doing now is just pushing air. and i was looking at the bigwater 760i and all you have to do it buy some more tubing and a radiator that mounts outside case or you can mount inside. Just drain the water cut the tubing and add the radiator before or even after the CPU. you will just need to buy some fittings, tubing and a radiator and fan. then you could cool water more and it might keep temps around 58 to 60 then.
  5. I suppose then original pump that came with the unit would be enough to suck water from two radiators.
  6. I read the specs on this coooling system and they say you can add extra water blocks for GPU, memory, HDD or chipsets. so should be no problem with another radiator.
  7. The TT Bigwater isn't really known for pushing high volumes of water, and the ones I have seen, they have small diameter tubing as well. Even though it is summer, my house is A/C to about 78F (25.5C) and I am seeing idle/load temps of 42C/50C. Load @60-70C seems high for watercooling, but it also depends on your ambient temps. TBH, I think your weakness is the tubing and pump...but even Enheim pumps usually run smaller diameter (8-10mm) tubing and do well...due to higher flowrates, so more likely your pump. 500 liters/hr (132 gal/hr) isn't too great, considering the bigger pumps are like 350 gal/hr (1200 liters/hr). I guess in looking at the TT site, it uses 3/8 tubing(?).



    http://www.sciencemadesimple.net/volume.php <- US/Metric conversions link

    In light of your lapping before/after temps...maybe its worth trying. 4ghz on a Q6600 needs as much cooling as possible.
  8. bigwater is only 1/8" tube and low LPH pump, no miracles with it
  9. For $155, its better off to drop another $45 and get the Swiftech kit:


    Far better pump, rad and CPU block.
  10. problem is i cannot find swiftech in Turkey, and I already own the 760i, so i better try my luck with a 2nd radiator. If i can find a reasonable one....
  11. Do you really have 1/8 or 1/4 tubing? Might be worthwhile to get a different pump instead...

    What are your room temps? I don't know what average temperature range is right now, but if they are pretty hot, you are probably about where you should be. I have a friend who lives in Turkey, you just reminded me to send him an email. :)
  12. well rubix, 760i is all in one compact kit so I don't think I can install a new pump. Room temp is around 26celcius. I am now also thinking to lap the cpu block. I am very happy for lapping my q6600.However it didn"t boot at the first time which made my heart skip several beats. Then i simply re-seated the cpu block and it started working, Maybe i squezeed it too much ..phew.. I advice cpu lapping to everyone. I used 220 - 600- 1200 sandpapers and took me around 90 mins....
  13. You might be right...since it is a bay unit, you would have to do some modding to remove it to use a different pump. Hmmm...that leaves changing out the stock fan over the radiator with a high CFM fan, or adding another radiator. I know that TT offers a dual 120mm radiator (externally) that you can connect...I wonder if it works with your model?


    I don't know if you can find these around, I just wanted to at least post a picture that they do exist. :)
  14. outlw6669 said:
    Good results on the lapping, BTW!
    8-10c is an excellent drop and well worth the time spent.

  15. ^ Agreed; very good temp difference after lapping. I think it's worth voiding my warranty for... :)
  16. I installed another 2x120mm radiator and now at 3.6 GHZ on load I dont pass 60c. However I will receive my 2 NOCTUA NF-P12 1300RPM 120mm fans today so I installed my case fans Instead.

    The problem is striker 2 nb and sb heats up to incredible temps and naturally shut down occurs.

    I am planning to remove the heatsinks to add either new fans on them or to add them to the loop.

    any suggestions?
  17. Also I just have to ask if it would make any diffrence by adding a second pump identical to the one that is on 760i to the same loop, maybe before the 2x120mm radiator.
  18. You could, but really that isn't the solution to your problem. I realize you have already invested in this cooling loop; continuing to fund a waterloop that is highly inferior is more of a waste than a benefit. You might be better off to keep what you can...I'm sure you can reuse the blocks if you can find tubing and fittings that work with a new pump.

    What tubing size is native to the Bigwater? I think we have seen some disagreeing information as to what you are using. How much is the bigwater pump you want to add?
    I bought all the mosfets and chipset coolers from EK for striker 2 installed them, removed the cpu block and installed it again to prevent a possible leakage and I might have murdered my q6600..... !!!!!!! Nooooo it does not post and gets stuck at cpu init, maybe i sqeezed the poor fella little extra...

    I have no idea... Please gimme some ideas to try to fix it. If i really did such a stupid thing and broke my cpu I plan to ugrade to q9550, what do u say...
  20. Try reseting the BIOS and making sure all of your new coolers are properly mounted...
  21. I removed the bios battery, removed everything in my case, gonna redo the water blocks and also going to make sure that I used some kind of layer between the screws and the board for metal not to touch each other. Hope then It will work and if it does not work for real. . :fou: :pt1cable: :cry:
  22. I just bought a 760i for my Crossfire 4850s, I've included another 120mm radiator too. I now have my CPU and graphics on their own water cooling line. The pump is weak, compared to my Swiftech Apogee Drive; and it's a little noisey too. For your info the barbs are just barely 3/8". From the pump the black tubing is also 3/8". But when it gets to the quick connect the passageway narrows down to 3/16"! Also, the metal barbs' threading are different than most others.

    I've since modded my setup by adding some larger plastic barbs to the 760i and getting rid of the restrictive quick connect. So far it actually works well (an open bay on top and bottom helps also). I've added a Q9450 too!
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