Can Not Overclock P5N-D

I have recently purchased an P5N-D and i can't overclock it. When i try my computer starts fine but after windows is loaded and i'm my desktop it freezes and it makes a long beep that doesn't seem to stop. Even if i try to overclock it just a little bit this still happens and i mean just by 1mhz. Is there something wrong with my motherboard? I have also tried to change the voltage for everything the only way i can make it work is if i put it on safemode. I know there is something wrong with my Motherboard but no way my CPU it has been overclock on my older P5k.

Does this mean it is a software related problem? What can i do?
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  1. You might want to start by including your complete specs., the people here aren't mind readers.
  2. My specs are:

    MB Asus P5N-D
    CPU E6750
    Ram Geil 5-5-5-15
    OS Windows Vista 64Bit
    PSU thermaltake 550W
    GPU 8800gts 320MB

    If i missed out on anything i should of added please tell me.
  3. Try relaxing the timings on the ram first, set them way low and set the ram divider to 1:1 or as close to that as you can get. That should take the ram out of the equation for the most part. Most boards undervolt ram out of the box, which usually just forces them to run higher latencies, but they're already pretty high.
  4. Well i have set the ram to 5-5-5-15 in the bios and 1.99. Is that good?
  5. you got the nightmare mobo out of all the mobo on the market.

    but memory seems to be the problem on nvidia mobos.
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