Mobo went out on HTPC looking for suggestions on a New one

I have an older HTPC and the MOBO has gone out due to a static shock to the USB HUB Still sucks when i think about it.

Right now I have it back up and running with an old intel D850GB Mobo with a 1.5 ghz p4 that was pulled from an old system I had laying around. It works but painfully slow.

Here are the parts I mean to keep.

Arisetec Accent HT-200b case with VFD that hooks into the Parallel port
200 Gig IDE Wester Digital HD
Sony IDE DVD RW Drive
Sony IDE DVD Rom Drive
ATI 9500 Pro
Haugepauge 250 Input Card
M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Sound card
US Robotics PCI Wirless g card
4 port pci firewire card dont know the brand
The two stick of PC3200 512 memory are still good

The Mother board was a Gigabyte GA-8I8848p-g socket 478 with a 3 ghz pentium prescott cooled with a scythe mini ninja and a 92mm fan.

I think the processor is still probably fine so I am thinking about maybe picking up another socket 478 but then again it may be time to upgrade to something a bit newer and hopefully will run cooler even if it's just a northwood.

Any suggestions on which way I should go would you upgrade to a newer mobo and processor either AMD or Intel. I use this system for movies, TV as well as some gaming halo etc.
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  1. A good cheap upgrade for your pc3200 would be one of newegg's socket 754 combo deals. But they don't come with a heatsink. I'd go for the 3200 and a low end heatsink. My old socket 754 ran so cool that the heatsink fan only ran about half the time.
  2. Here's a direct replacement from the Egg:

    ECS 848P-A7 LGA 775 Intel 848P ATX Intel Motherboard - $30 after MIR

    I would say keep your Prescott going (like I am) if it still does everything you need it to. Upgrade as soon as your need exceeds the equipment's limitations. If you've already exceeded it, we can help you with a new build
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