P5N-E SLI CMOS Checksum Error

I recently built my new system, Asus P5N-E motherboard, Q6600 processor, 4Gb RAM, 8600GTS video card and 500Gig Samsung SATA HD.

After the usual teething problems, it is now stable and boots every time. However, I am now getting the 'CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults restored' message when it is a cold restart. I thought that it must be the CMOS battery, so I replaced it, but the problem has not gone away.

If I just shut down the PC and don't remove the power, then it will restart every time without the CMOS error. This also seems to suggest that the battery is the issue :heink: On the positive side, it seems to suggest that the CMOS chip itself isn't the problem.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any ideas?

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  1. Check the "clear cmos" jumper. Make sure it is not clearing the bios every boot.
  2. Thanks,

    The jumper is in the right position. I actually cleared the bios deliberately when I changed the battery. Thought that I may as well.
  3. What about a new bios version? Did you check the manufacturers page to see if it is a known bug?
  4. I upgraded to the latest bios 901.

    I also tried the Asus website for known problems, but couldn't find any similar problems listed.
  5. Did you try to clear the CMOS?

    Use the MBO manual,ans remove the batery for 20sec(or longer).

    Hope this will help.
  6. Hi, I have the same problem. I did all you suggest before.
    Falsh the ROM is also a problem. The programe can not write the ROM

    So what can I do!???
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