e2180 or e6750 works well on GigaByte GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard

how this match?? i didnt have choosen the cpu yet but either one of those, will both of them work well on GigaByte GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard?
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  1. the e2180 is great cpu with intel chipsets

    the low fsb allows you to use low end memory

    fsb400 =1600 you need 1066 memory with a 1066 cpu at 2:1 ratio

    with the 800fsb cpu you can use 800mhz memory such that oc to 850-900mhz for 3.2-3.4ghz systems
  2. The 2180 is a great budget chip (I have a 2160), especially for overclocking. The e6750 is starting to become less attractive as the e8400 has just released. The e8400 is slightly mor4e expensive, but provides some great gains depending upon what you use it for.

    It would be easier to help if you gave more information about what you were planning to do with the CPU and how much you want to spend.
  3. im spending about 1000 just on the tower, ill play little gaming, mid setting on crysis is enough,
    i never OCed before, i couldnt understand what DRAGONSPREAYER said,,
    help please
    here parts i have choosen for the final(PLEASE LOOK AT RAM, MOBO, AND CPU AND DETERMINE IF IT IS ENOUGH FOR OCING)

    GigaByte GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard
    Antec Neo Power 500 500W
    Card Reader
    WD 320GB 16MB Cache HDD
    Kingston 2GB DDR2 PC2 6400
    EVGA Geforce 8800gts 320MB 320-bit GDDR3
    Thermal Grease
    INTEL CORE 2 DUO E2180
  4. Hey I have that same card. There is not a big price difference between it and the 8800GT 512MB. For the love of GOD don't buy the 320MB GTS. I have an e8400 running at 3.4GHz and Crysis is barely playable at medium settings. I know on the reviews people are saying they can run it on high with that card. I can run it on high too with my fast processor. However, be prepared for spikes in framerates that make it unplayable and frustrating. The EVGA 8800GT is not that much more than the 320MB GTS. Against, do NOT get the 320MB GTS. You are shooting yourself in the foot and throwing away your money. I have this card and am telling you from experience. Its not a bad card and I can run UT3 maxed out with 60+ FPS, but there is better out there with such a small price difference, it would be a crime to get the 320mb gts over the 8800GT
  5. Vote: eVGA 8800GT, I think I paid $229 for mine last week. If you want the GTS you should cough up the extra dough for the 512MB version.
  6. Can The EVGA 8800GT with PCI Express 2.0 Be Run On The GA-P35-DS3L? Newbe, Sorry If Dum Question.
  7. The 8800GT will run since it is backwards compatible but only in PCIe 1.1 mode. You'll need a X38/X48 board to run in PCIe 2.0.
  8. Yeah for a new build like that get the GT 512. I run a 8800gt 512 on a GaP35-DS3R and it runs fine.
  9. Thanks
  10. I just bought this board from new egg,not here yet.
    I also thought backwards compatible,but look at this site
    and click on the (8. PCI Express 2.0 )link?
    But I see smartel7070 uses it and works find?
  11. Woops...Link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express#PCI_Express_2.0
    ...In June 2007 Intel released the specification of the P35 chipset which does not support PCIe 2.0 only PCIe 1.1
  12. I have this Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard with an Intel Q6600 CPU and the Antec NeoPower 500W PSU. I am getting an intermittent no-start condition with this combination. I suspect the PSU is the culprit. If I disconnect all of the modular power cables, I have better odds of getting the system to POST. Once the system is booted, the power is stable.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? I'm going to contact Antec support and will update if I learn anything.

    My mobo is v2.0 with BIOS F7.
  13. get 8800 gts the 512 version + u might wanna try "fat micron chip" :D
  14. +1 for the 8800gt, it your best bet. also i wiuld go with the e8200 for your CPU. although none of your choice is bad.
  15. Don't get the arctic cooler, because it doesn't blow air down onto the nearby northbridge and PWM area, like the stock Intel cooler does. Either use the Intel cooler, which is fine, or get something like a Zalman 8700.
  16. Or use case fans to get to the northbridge, like me ;)
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