xigmatek HDT-S1283 on Abit IP35pro XE... postitioning

i've had the cooler facing upwards but
I'd Like to faceit so the fan blows straight towards the cases rear fan..which means i need to rotate it 90 deg. on the cpu.

the problem with this is that the xigmatek s1283 is so big it seems to be right on top of one of the motherboards chipset heat sinks. without bolting it down it doesnt seem to touch it but i think it will if it gets tightened.
does anyone else have this setup?

is it ok if they do touch?
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  1. What case do you have?
    If your case has a fan on top you'll be fine. If not, it should blow out the rear.
  2. As far as I can tell, on a Xigmatek 1283, because of the tri heat pipe design, you can only put it on one way and have it reach maximum effectiveness.

    You can use this pic to align your processor, and then make sure the middle heat pipe runs along the line. That way you get 100% from the mid pipe, leaving the other two to pick residual heat.


    The other way around and you'd have 'em crossing over the cores, but none of em on it like that one down the middle!

    And then you may wanna apply thermal paste by drawing a thin line down each of the three heat pipes where they contact the IHS of your processor. And then none on the CPU. The real goal is having no paste under the spacers between the heat pipes on the bottom of the xiggy.

    So good luck!

  3. If you have good case ventilation, and your cpu temps are not to high, I would not worry about it. If your idle temp is over 45C then you may try to change the orientation to see it it helps.
  4. i mean i agree, id rather having it face out the back to have the center heat pipe crossing both cores... and better air flow.

    but the issue is the huge xigmatek heat sink looks like it will hit the top of the abit IP35 heat sink (i think its called a chipset heat sink? the one in the center)

    here is a pic of what i mean

    my concern is that either its bad for the heat sinks to be touching... or that if they touch it will prevent the xigmatek from making full contact with the cpu

    i guess the only way anyone could know for sure is if they have the exact same setup...

    anyone know what the difference in temps could be between the two different positions?
  5. I'm currently using the xigmatek HDT-S1283 on an Abit IP35pro XE with the fan blowing towards the rear of the case. Sure its tight, but it fits and doesnt come in contact with anything.
    Hope this helps.
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