Accessing RAID drive data in a non-RAID system??

I hope this is a dumb question and that someone can answer it quickly.

I set up a RAID0+1 system: RAID 0 (striped) was my OS Install, and RAID 1 (mirrored) was my storage/backup system. Somehow one of my drives was marked as failed (the striped) and the other (mirrored) was marked degraded.

So, I was hoping that I could just pop one of the physical drives into a non-raid system and access the second volume (the mirrored portion) in the OS just like any secondary hard drive.

Is this possible? Can I just pop in a RAID-configured drive and access the files from a non-RAID system? If so, this will be the easiest, fastest, and certainly the safest way to do it. I just can't afford to lose the data on the mirrored volume. The OS install I could care less about.


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  1. Depends on the RAID controller and number of drives.
  2. I'm using the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, and I only have 2 drives.

    Good news?
  3. There's a recovery procedure over on Intel's support site...
    No idea if it'll work for you, but might be worth a try.
  4. Yeah, I read over that article last night, but I'm so afraid of trying anything that could even possible mess up my data on the mirrored partition, that I really want to find a way to back up the data on that partition first. True, the article doesn't say anything about losing the data or messing up the partition, but this is the only copy I have it, so I'm really afraid to do so.

    Thanks for the link tho. I have a feeling that's what it's going to come down to.
  5. You could (probably) save a raw image of the drive before trying, there are various drive image tools out there, just make sure they take a low-level raw image and not just a copy of the recognized partitions; you'll also need a spare drive of the same capacity.
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