Cant boot windows, no operating system found

I have 2 hard drives, 500GB and 250GB.
I had windows vista on the 500GB, along with all my media and files, and a clean install of windows 7 on the 250GB drive.
I wanted to shrink down the vista drive and make a couple of partitions, so my operating system would have its own small partition.
So i downloaded EASEUS Partition Manager and tried to shrink the disk and make a new partition after it. It rebooted my PC and said "moving data" so i thought it was going okay and i fell asleep.
I wake up to find that when i try to boot windows, it says "no operating system found" and makes me boot from CD.
I want to dual boot windows vista and windows 7, and i dont want to lose any of my data on the vista drive.

Do you think that fixmbr and fixboot will fix this? Will it still enable me to see both drives? Is this problem even fixable? Please help,

Thanks, Dan
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  1. For Vista you need BootRec.exe, there is no way of knowing if it's going to work until you try it, it depends on what has been screwed.
  2. nipped home at dinner and tried bootrec.exe /fixmbr, it said that it did it, tried to boot windows again and it booted straight from dvd, so i took dvd out, and it said a different error message, like missing boot something, please insert system disc and press enter?
    I will try fixboot when i get home, any other ideas?
    thanks, dan
  3. turned out i lost everything on my 500gb drive. never mind ay.
    installed 7 onto 250gb drive, partitioned during setup,
    500gb drive is now free

    but now it seems when i boot into windows 7, i have to have the windows 7 disc inserted for some reason, or it says insert system disk and press enter.
    Any help for this? Thanks, Dan
  4. Don't do anything to the 500GB drive.Your data is still there!
    It's just not accessible by normal means.Go to another PC and download MiniPE XT.It's a live CD with a windows-based GUI (sure,there's Hirens Boot CD but that's DOS based).It probably has all the tools you'll need to try and repair your partitions and recover the data from your 500GB drive.
    Just don't save the recovered data onto your 500GB drive.Save it on the free space of your 250GB drive.
    Also,next time go for Acronis Partition Expert or Partition Magic.
    As for what happened,either some error occurred during the moving of data between partitions (which is very very rare) or a power failure to one of the drives.
    You need the Windows 7 boot disc to boot-up because the boot record from one of the drives is invalid,even though the partition is fine and your files are.If you want to run Windows 7 without the disc,the best way to go about it is to remove the 500GB drive from the system and re-install Windows 7.Patching a windows based OS this early since its install is not good news.
    Good luck with all of this!
    Love&Peace! :hello:
  5. is there no other way i can boot windows 7 without the dvd without reinstalling the OS? Its time consuming getting everything set up the way i want it.

    Thanks, Dan
  6. Yes,you can.Again,using MiniPE.But I don't recommend it.Most microstuffed "operating systems" are somewhat "attached" to the files they use for the first time.I'm talking about system files.You can replace the file and fix the partition to make it bootable again,but that's like applying a patch on your newly shot tyre.
    Take your time and do it right the first time.Think of it as a house's foundation.
    Also,in the event that you re-partitioned and re-formatted your 500GB drive,even now you have about 90% chance of getting your data back if you haven't copied even a single file on the new partitions.
    Good luck with all of this!
  7. well the 500gb drive works, it just says there is 500gb free space. I kinda copied a few files there :/ is that bad?
  8. Yeah, that's bad. :( When you do this, it will write the data wherever it sees fit because it thinks that the drive is blank. This means that it will indescriminantly write over your data on that drive without thinking about it. :cry: You may have lost a great deal of data in this way.
  9. Well,it depends.A few files of,lets say a couple of MB in size (let's say it's a 4megapixel JPEG) don't to that much damage.If you haven't occupied 1% of the drive's size with the files that you copied,it's still possible to get back most of the data you previously had on it.Just not all of it and some files may not work,but most of it should still be there.
    On the MiniPE disk you have GetDataBack NTFS&FAT.Use that application or any of the data recovery programs that come with it and...well,get your data back :P

    P.S. : A problem with the way users think.If it were me I would by two or more smaller drives and not link them together.This way,when a problem does occur,I don't lose all of my data.In other words,if you want 500GB,get two 250GB drives. ;)
  10. I couldnt get miniPE to load up, i think i have occupied more than 1% of the space anyway, and i can live without it all

    I now have a 500GB drive and 2 250Gb drives, with media and operating system on different hard drives,

    Thanks alot, Dan
  11. I think I'm having similar problems. After partitioning my one hard-drive and letting the computer reboot, it gave the "no operating system found" message. All attempts to fix the problem through reinstalling vista using a boot disk on the harddrive, including attempting to format the harddrive gives Error code 0x80070057. How can I fix this problem without using programs that rely on an OS?
  12. Insert windows vista dvd, boot from cd/dvd, wait for drivers to load, proceed with install, click custom options, delete the partition and create a new one which is ntfs, also it is better to have 2 partitions, one for your OS and one for other things,

    failing this, try the GParted liveCD if you can get hold of it, this is a useful dvd to store as well.

    Thanks, Dan
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