Help overclock E2180 to 3.0 on stock voltage

Hi I just ordered few parts for upgrade at neweggs and here they are
1 x ($69.99) CPU INTEL|PDC E2180 2.0G 775 1M R
1 x ($74.99) MB GIGABYTE GA-P35-S3G P35 775 RT
1 x ($49.49) MEM 1Gx2|OCZ DII800 OCZ2P800R22GK R
I am a total noob when it comes to overclocking so I need your help.
Well I know that my CPU can overclock to 3.0ghz, but I want to get it on stock voltage if it is possible.
I am not sure what people are talking about when they say 1:1 with the memory is best and I am not sure if I got the right memory to do the job right.
So I need help from people who have experience on overclocking thank you!
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  1. 1:1 (synch mode)means that your RAM runs 2x the FSB, so in your case to reach 3.0GHz you would set your CPU Clock Ratio to 8, your FSB (CPU Host Frequency) to 375, & your System Memory Multiplier to 2.
    CPU - 375 x 8 = 3.0GHz
    RAM - 375 x 2 = 750MHz

    Heres a good overclocking guide you need to read & understand before you overclock.
  2. LOL, Stock voltages. Sheesh, where do they all come from!

    You mean Auto, which AUTOmatically over volts the processor as you raise other stuff. I Love the "Stock" newbs that are popping out the bit-work. (wood work if it was the old days.)


  3. I finally just upgraded from a 2180 processor. You got yourself a steal of a processor, considering it's price vs. performance. I had little trouble getting it to 3.2 GHz and beyond. I went with 8 x 400 MHz, which allowed me to run my RAM 1:1.

    However, it needed to be at about 1.38 volts to remain stable. You shouldn't worry about bumping it to that voltage--it is completely safe. Your cooler should do fine with that. My Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro kept my chip at around 28-30 idle, and never much over the mid 50s under full load.

    This is a particularly good listing of "formulas" for different MoBos and the 2180:

    Summary: you should easily OC above 3.0, but will need to raise your voltage.

    Good luck!
  4. Thank you for your replies!!
    The chip comes today and I'll try 3.0(375*8) with 1.375 voltage.
  5. Don't forget to run Core Temp, or Real Temp, and check the VID of the thing!
    Prolly a 1.3250! But come on, 1.2000! Wouldn't that be a score for such a chip??

    Let us know!

  6. I dont know about stock voltage, but the 3ghz should be easy. Set the multi to 9, and FSB to 333, the CPU voltage to 1.365 (or around there). Disable all of the features in the "how to post", and voila. Once you prove its stable then lower the CPU voltage one notch until unstable, and then raise two notches. The E series start to require lots of voltage above 3ghz, so that is good 1ghz overclock. Good luck.
  7. I got my system tried to overclock,but when I set it to 375*8 for 3.0ghz it wouldn't boot with 1.375V. The highest I could go was 275*10 for 2.75ghz on the same voltage. I was thinking that my PSU might be the problem because of its low wattage, but I am not sure. My PSU is Antec earthwatt 380w. My video card is Hd4800.
  8. Try the voltage at 1.5v. (375x8 at 1.5v)
    I wouldn't go over 1.5v
  9. Your power supply may not be enough. In any case, you need to tell us the details of your system, otherwise we're just flying blind. What model numbers of *all* components? What speed did you set the memory bus to? Have you set the DIMM/RAM voltage to the spec voltage for your specific OCZ modules?
    You might also try using the stock Intel CPU cooler, since the aftermarket one you bought doesn't cool the PWM power circuitry around the CPU, nor the north bridge.
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