Intel Skulltrail Part 2: Overclocking and Power Consumption

In the second part of our cooler roundup we review six more products, rating cooling performance, noise and ease of installation. This time, we have a field ranging from the bargain-bin part to the water cooling setup.
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  1. TWAIN List device Topnotcher

    Technology Without An Imminent Need
  2. I dunno - If you fancy upping your Folding@Home score...
  3. Yes I can tell me friends about my uber-leetness in folding
  4. Although i wouldn't want this system, it angers me that 1/4 of one of those cpus if like twice as fast as my athlon 64 3500+ at 2.5 ghz. (i imagine)
  5. Still think you're better off building an actual Xeon workstation overall.
  6. Gawd... I think intel should give you a years supply of free electricity, and perhaps a 24 pack of beer of your choice before ordering. :oops:
  7. If it was running crysis at 100fps on ultra high ...People would be like... "I want one" speaks in little girl voice
  8. I just bought a SkullTrail and QX9775 (one CPU to start with). You can see photos of the assembly of the system on my blog:

    What was used for cooling for the overclocking article's machine here on Tom's Hardware? I'm surprised they didn't say! Large heat sinks and monster fans, or something more extreme?

    I bought a Thermaltake BigWater 7860is water cooling unit, and the Coolermaster case I'm using has almost a dozen fan slots and plenty of ventilation, so we'll see if I can't get the 11x or higher multipliers to work without overheating. I'd love to get it stable at 5 GHz, but we'll have to see how it goes.

    Any tips? :)
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