LITE-ON DVD Burner iHAS220-08 Issues


Cure 2 Duo E8500
LITE-ON DVD Burner iHAS220-08
320GB HD

Vista Home x64

When I try to write a CD the only thing that works is if I use Vista's built in burner and I set it to write all at once...
(or if I use MagicISO and set it to a slow speed and again, burn all at once)
Anything else errors? I cant do multi sessions.. nothing.
I have cooked so many CD's because 1/4 way thru it just errors and pops the disc.

getting really frustrating.

Any Ideas?
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  1. What kind of media have you tried?

    Usually drive problems come form poor media. Try a different brand.

    Check the upper and lower filter fix on google.
  2. Any updates available for whatever burning software you are using?

    Did you try using different burning software? I've found Nero to be by far the best.

    Apply any recent firmware updates for that ROM?
  3. +1 to getting Nero, and try some better CDR's.
  4. Hi

    You might want to get SmartBurn for LiteOn DVD Burners...
  5. Thanks for the idea... I will check them out. I am using the same media I always use... the cheapest I can get my hands on! LOL

    I have Nero 7 essentials (that came with it) same issue... still errors :(
    I will check for firmwares etc.

    Thanks Again!
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