Search for a good 120mm Blue LED case fan.

My new XION case shipped with a large 140mm fan that doesn't seem to put out as much air as an 80mm Antec that I got for free.

I'm going to replace the 140 with a 120 cause I can't find any decent 140s.

I'd like to keep the dBA below or ~30 for this side fan, and I want one with blue LEDs.

The Thermaltake A1926 120mm Blue LED Case Fan seems like it might be way to loud even though it's rated at <27dBa, the newegg reviews say otherwise.

Don't go to any trouble with this, I just want something off the top of your head.
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  1. Loud would be 40dba, 30dba is moderate you wont get annoyed with it lol.

    20dba like mine is very silent, can easily sleep through it.
  2. Maybe you should try something like the Antec TriCool - it has a 3-speed switch so that you can throttle noise/airflow up or down.
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