4 16g SSD vs 2 300g velociraptor in raid 0????

I was wondering what would be better multimedia editing: 4 16gig SSD http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820609330

or 2 300gig velociraptors in a raid 0 configeration?

My current setup is a M3A79-T, 4 gigs of ddr2 1066, PII 940, 2 4830 crossfire on a 700watt ocz power supply.

The SSD are $70 a piece and a velociraptor is $220.
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  1. I thought that I would at least a "OMG look at this". Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Thanks guys! I knew I could count on ya'll to have some type of an answer. Five days now NO ANSWER!!!!!!!
  3. I wouldnt really be able to comment on the performance of those SSDs. I havent heard of that brand before. If you get a SSD (or in your case more than one) you should get a quality one. Intel is the best, but also the most expensive. OCZ and Patriot also seem to make decent ones. If you have the money for 2 raptors i would get 2 64GB SSDs from Patriot or OCZ, or even raid two intel 80GB drives.

    Here's a link to a review on the patriot drives. It has some data about raiding them.
  4. Thanks man!!! Now thats what I'm talking about!!!! Thanks for the info!!!
  5. ok, i've been looking into raid 0 with ssd's and i gotta say, 4 ssd'd will give give you the best performance by quite a way!, as you increase the no. of drives in a raid array using ssd's the speed of read/write operations will be multiplied by the number of drives, so 1 ssd = say 100mb/s read 80mb/s write, 2 will be 200m/sb read 160mb/s write and so on (assuming your using all identical drives) so using 4 in raid 0 you should achieve somewhere around 400mb/s read and 320mb/s write, blowing the velociraptors out of the water in terms of performance...go ssd my friend, oh and if your curious how far this keep going i suggest having a look at this page..


    im getting 2 of these in the next month and maybe one or two more to see what i can get hehe
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