WD World Book Used As An Internal Drive Is Not Working Out

Hi there can anyone help me in simple language for a simple guy?

Okay heres the story, I had a WD World Book ii drive, but it does not work very well with vista 64bit, so I took it apoart and stuck the drive into my PC.

I can see the drive in cmos picked up as follows:
SATA 3 - WD10 EACS-00Z.

I can also see the drive in device manager, it is ppicked up as follows:
WDC WD10 EACS-00ZJBO SCSI Device. The properties on this confirm the device is working & when I click on volumes, it picks up the size.

The problem I have is that I cannot see the drive in "My computer" so therefore cannot use it? Is there something I have missed or need to do? Could it be a jumper issue on the drive?

My OS is Vista Home Premium 64-bit.
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  1. Do you have anything on the drive? If so back it up before doing this.
    In windows try formating the drive again and see if that will bring it up.
  2. A simple mistake or maybe you didn't mention it : you said the drive shows up in device manager.But does it have a drive letter?And is its partition mounted?
    If not,go to Computer Management ---> Disk Management and mount the drive and assign it a drive letter.If it doesn't work,then maybe you should format it and see what happens.Also,do all this from Disk Management,just to be sure ;)
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