Screen randomly goes blank but system doesn't seem to reset...

New system:

Athlon X2 5000+ Black Box
500W Antec Earthpower PSU
Biostar TA770 MOBO
2gig Kingston 1066 DDR2
GeForce 6800GT EVGA 512MB


I’ve just had the system up and running for a week or so. The problem is that, all of a sudden, the screen will go blank. I don’t think the system resets though. It sits there and the system light and fan are still on. Everything seems like it is working fine but the monitor goes out and there is apparently no way to get it back without turning off the computer and rebooting. This has happened 3 or 4 times in the last week and it is distressing me greatly.

The problem seems to be independent of what I am doing. I got a reset while I was browsing the internet. I have played Crysis for 2 hrs at a strech without the problem happening. I has also happened while playing Crysis. Monitor is a Samsung 20” flat panel. I’m not using video card manufacturer drivers… went straight to NVIDIA for latest drivers. Video card is not over-clocked.

What I have tried:
Monitor refresh was set to 60mhz. I reduced it to 59mhz. These are my only options.
Check sleep mode/power save functions and made sure they were off.

Other things to note:
- One of the resets occurred exactly as I plugged in a thumb-drive into the front panel USB port.
- Since I am just setting up my computer it has been sitting on the ground (carpet). My apartment is dry during the winter and very static-y. Could it be related to static?
- During my last Crysis session, I noticed some minor artificing (sp?) on the screen during one of the cut scenes.

My plan of attack:
Download Prime 95 and stress test memory
Download 3dmark and stress test video card
Download a CPU benckmarking program (someone recommend one please!) and stress test CPU
Take box off of carpet and attach it to desk and ground it.

If someone has had this type of problem and has any other hints/suggestions, please let me know.
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  1. I doubt it's static. I'm willing to bet that it could be a power issue though.

    Try checking your even log around the time it happens to see if there are any application hangs or system errors.

    Try the thumb-drive thing a few times and see if you can reproduce the results. If so, then maybe update USB / motherboard drivers or BIOS.

    Also, to verify whether or not your system is still responding and not displaying anything. Try the following when the screen blacks out: Press the Windows Key > Press "U" > Press "R" > Hit "Enter". That should restart your machine if it is still responding.
  2. Hmmm... Event log is where? I don't think I have ever looked at it. I was leaning toward bad VGA card. I have both mobo power connectors connected. That isn't a problem is it? Also, 500 W. should be plenty for this system correct?
  3. There is an extra power connection on the card. Did you plug in the cable to the card?
  4. How to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP
  5. I just mean that it could be a power failure. Not an insufficient amount of power. See most of the time a hardware / driver conflict will result in an instant reboot or BSOD. You're just getting a black screen... so it could be a power issue.
  6. Yes. Card power is plugged in. I will check all connections and try to recreate another fail tonight.
  7. My wife has the same problem.. if it is the same...
    monitor goes blank.. but system still seams like it is responding....
    for my wife... well her monitor crashes...
    she has a 22" BenQ but the problem seems similar...
    next time it happens... unplug the power to your monitor...
    then plug it back in in 10-15 seconds...
    that may solve your problem....
    it happens to my wife.. 3-4 times a week...
    then it doesn't happen for a few days... strange
  8. Eel_brio

    I have both mobo power connectors connected. That isn't a problem is it? Also, 500 W. should be plenty for this system correct?

    yes the ps looks ok,there is 2 -12 volt 17 amp rails on that power supply.but are you useing 2 seperate mollex line connectors from seperate rails(not two mollex connectors on the same cable)?
  9. I had a similar problem not long ago, which I finally decided was due to static coupled with poor grounding on my case. It was resolved when I moved all my parts into a new case. Hmmm, need to update my specs. Anyway, doing most anything on the front panel would cause it. You say plugging in a USB stick did it to you. Heck, mine would wig out every time my fluffy cat just walked nearby. Anyway, since switching cases, the problem is gone.
  10. Hmmm.... If I recall correctly, one time I touched the front bezel and it did a hard reset. Maybe it is static. I am unsure of Molex config. Mobo connectors are not Molex. One 6 pin (I think) and one of the big (12 pin?) connectors. Both connected. I will make sure vid card is on it's own rail.
  11. Put case on metal stand. CPU oc'ed to 3Gig. Ran Prime 95 torture test overnight. CPU and memory seem OK. Will test video card tonight.
  12. Definitely a power supply issue. As they age they put out less power. I've had this happen to me before. The screen just goes black, but everything is still running. I actually was using an antec 430watt myself. Switched it out and haven't had a problem since on the old comp. It happens when you are running big drains on the vid card like crysis. It normally wont happen if you arent doing anything, ie, browsing the net. Pretty much how you know it's the power supply.
  13. DUDE i have the same problem, its on my 4670 Force3D, it doesnt need a power connector and its working on a 22" Samsung LCD with 500W generic PSU, a previous MSI 4670 card worked before, its cutting randomly for me but in the background i can still hear the music and stuff

    the video card i got is a 4670 Force 3D, i still have warranty on it, should i RMA it or get a new power supply?
  14. I have same totally problem.
    Buu here is same monitor goes black and PC is still running ...monitor light ficker on and off.
    But i did change new monitor same thing happened.
    Also i did download all updates for video card again same problem,download updates for windows xp again same, changed power supply for my PC same
    I got angry now please help!!
    what do i do? Please!!
  15. I have same totally problem.
    Buu here is same monitor goes black and PC is still running ...monitor light ficker on and off.
    But i did change new monitor same thing happened.
    Also i did download all updates for video card again same problem,download updates for windows xp again same, changed power supply for my PC same
    I got angry now please help!!
    what do i do? Please!!
  16. I stick by my statement of faulty power supply. Plus, it's alot easier to believe since you are using those bunk ones that come w/ the system. Get a good Thermaltake PSU or something.
  17. I have a similar problem.


    It is a laptop Dell Latitude D620.

    happens with 2 different monitors and I have swapped the drive to another D620 that has a brand new mobo from Dell that a tech replaced. The only thing I can think of is that it is software related. Not sure if it is the driver or some 3rd party app that the user installed. I will reply back with the solution as soon as I find one, until then I will continue checking back to see if anyone found something.
  18. I'm fairly certain you guys are looking at power issues. I had this issue not long ago, and I had too much running off of one line. When I stopped trying to run everything off of one power strip and split it up a little, problems vanished. If you are sure you have a strong enough power supply, you need to recheck connections from the video card to the monitor, also, if you are trying to run everything from one power strip, split things up between multiple power strips. If running a UPS, be sure your UPS is not failing and is rated to carry the load you demand of it. But I would definitely start by looking at power issues.
  19. I just started having the same problem. The thing is that I have a dual monitor setup and only the main monitor is going blank. The secondary monitor works just fine. The light on the main power indicates that it is getting a signal ( light changes color when computer is powered off). And also when I power off and then power on the monitor it will display for approx. 4 secs then go blank again. Very frustrating. Any ideas?
  20. ok guys,

    I think i found the solution to our problem. Researching i found out that most commun problem with monitors is the backlight on your monitor. In most cases it is the screen inverter. This is what i discovered about some screen backlight failure symptoms that could be related to a bad inverter board.

    1- Latop boots as usual but after a few seconds the screen blacks out.
    2-you can still see an image on the screen but it is very dim.
    3- you might use a flashlight to see it better.


    if you guys experience something like this, i suggest to visit this web site and start searching in EBay how much would cost your new inverter board depending on your monitor especifications. I found mine for $30 and i will change it as soon as i receives it.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, you better buy a brand new monitor because the cause is your monitor's backlight. It very difficult to replace it and in all cases you end it up replacing your monitor anyway.

    Good Luck! and hope it helps you!


    -----I just received my new inverter board for my Inpiron 1525/1526 and i changed it myself.It was not difficult and my monitor works!!!!!! i fixed my problem. I really recommend to do this if you are having the same problems that i had with my notebook and you can not find a cure after trying everything else.

    Good Luck to everybody in here with your machines!!!!

  21. hi guys
    if you say that the vga card showed artifacts, then im sure that your vga card is going. getting a better psu and grounding the pc will make it last a little longer but actually your vga card is the culprit. try to change it and u wont feel any problem. i say this because while playing screen goes blank while everything else in the background is working. this means that your vga card has stopped working and your driver due to that is not responding now. hope i helped
  22. hi, I am also having this problem! I have a 23" hanns-g monitor that will go black randomly. Still seems like the system is running, however sometimes if music is playing or something it will get all robot sounding or studder. I have a corsair 700w PSU and Nvidia 8800 GTS video card. Nothing is overclocked. Looking in my event viewer this is what I see after I restart.

    1.The previous system shutdown at 11:59:04 PM on ‎4/‎22/‎2010 was unexpected.
    2.The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
    3.Session "Microsoft Security Essentials OOBE" stopped due to the following error: 0xC000000D
    4.Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0

    those 4 errors, the second being critical. I use Windows 7 professional. Everything is updated to the newest drivers/bios.
  23. Well happened again today and I tried someones suggestion about hitting the windows key, U, R, Enter... but that did nothing and I still had to hard restart the computer.

    Also lil more info on my computer.
    Intel Intel Core Duo E6750 2.67ghz\
    6.00GB Ram(3.25 Usable)
  24. My dad has been experiencing the same issues with his computer. It's running Windows XP and an NVIDIA 7 Series card. His computer will remain up and running for 1 minute to 5 minutes before the monitor goes to black and states that it has no signal. This is what I tried to troubleshoot it:

    1. Swapped the DVI cable.
    2. Tried the 2nd DVI out on the video card.
    3. Tried going from DVI to VGA in order to rule out a bad DVI input on the monitor.
    4. Hooked up a brand new power supply that I bought for my own computer.
    5. Removed the video card and blew out all dust.
    6. Installed the video card in my computer... it works fine, so it's not the video card.
    7. Tried the keyboard shortcut for restarting or turning of the computer. There was no response.
    8. Used the ASUS utility to monitor CPU and other temps in the system. Everything is running cool.

    The only way to shut down the computer is to hold the power button in for 6 seconds once it goes to the black screen with no video output signal.

    I'm not sure what it is, but I'm thinking that it's the mobo or CPU at this point. But before I check that out, I'm going to try disconnecting all unnecessary peripheral devices and making sure there are no conflicts in the device manager.

    Can a dying CMOS battery cause such a problem?
  25. I was having the exact same problem. It was happening so random. Like 1 time a week, sometimes several times a day, etc. Even the USB thingy happened to me once. It was happening for like a month.

    After reading around, I did 2 things:

    -Removed my ram, cleaned the metallic part at the bottom (where it connects to the MOBO) with a rubber (normal school rubber) and put them back again.
    -Gave each external device (HDs, DVD, videocard) a single power cord from the powersupply.

    I didn't do anything else and after those 2 things, the problem never happened again. It's been like a month now.

    I hope this helps you.
  26. Same random black screen issue here. My latest attempt in fixing was unplugging the power cord to the Samsung 2333SW monitor. When I plugged it back in I had video, and have been working for 15 minutes without a problem. Any ideas if that indicates ANYTHING, or is just more random issues?
  27. One thing again to check, how much do you guys have plugged into one power strip? I've had this happen to me, had too much plugged into one power strip, and it must have drawn too much current and acted that way with me at times. Like when I would play a game, would work great for a while, then a black screen. I split the power up so the computer was on one line almost by itself, issue has not reoccurred. It definitely sounds like you guys are having power issues. As someone said too, the inverter might be worth checking.

    Based on what iceman says for example, he unplugged the monitor, plugged it back in, works fine. Check the cabling, and also check how heavy the cables you are running from your pc's and your monitors are. To the anonymous poster, have you tried a different monitor with your dad's system? If it were something like an inverter in the monitor itself, from the steps you showed, you probably would not have been able to isolate that problem.
  28. It has worked fine all day since my first post. I should add that this problem began a couple weeks ago, but nothing changed in my systetm. The hardware has been the same and Windows 7 has been installed for months. I ordered a new video card since ATI no longer supports my current card. Logic tells me this won't make a difference, but we shall see.
  29. Update: On 07/15 had problems all morning, had to boot to safe mode . Received and installed new video card (Radeon HD4650) in the afternoon and thus far no problems. Will give it a few days before I conclude it was a video card/driver issue.
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