How to access $Recycle.Bin for malicious file deletion?

I was recently hit by that dumb Vista Security 2012 rogue-antivirus virus and used TDSSKiller, Malwarebytes, Avast, and Spyware Doctor to locate and clear off any unwanted stuff. Spyware Doctor did a great job at telling me where exactly each file was so I could manually delete it (don't have the registered version so I have to locate and fix things manually.) However there was one file that I have trouble finding and it was tagged as a high-level threat. It's listed as:


Now that wouldn't be such a problem to deal with if I could actually see the contents inside the $Recycle.Bin folder. Before you ask, YES I have made sure to allow hidden folders/files to be seen. It appears that I cannot just navigate through to a $Recycle.Bin folder because I do not see it anywhere, even with hidden files/folders exposed. The only was I was able to reach it was by typing the path in the URL bar at the top. However, doing that simply takes me to an empty $Recycle.Bin folder with nothing to delete. :fou: Is there some other way where I can view the files inside the $Recycle.Bin folder so I can delete the malicious file? Or maybe somehow delete that file without needing to go to the $Recycle.Bin folder? ANY help is GREATLY appreciated.

Also, would purchasing the registered version of Spyware Doctor be worthwhile? It sure seems to be real helpful.

Thanks! :D
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  1. Doesn't seem like it did anything as nothing still appears in the folder. I decided to delete it since windows should automatically create a new Recycle bin folder for me. I'll repost if more problems come up. Thanks for the help anyways
  2. What the Unlocker did offer to u? What option?
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