Monitor screen is very dark

My 5-year old 19' Targe monitor turned very dark all of the sudden. This even with contrast and brightness at 100% I've tried to twist the monitor cable to no vain.

I also tried to open the monitor, trying to clean out dust. Now I want to try to have a go at turning some knobs inside my monitor, but I don't know which.

Here is the knobs that are marked:

What do the letters mean? And which can I twist around?

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  1. Welcome to the forums. I don't remember what those dials mean but i'm betting that your monitor is toast. I'm sure others will be able to tell you what those mean.

    I've seen some really good second hand CRT monitors going for nothing cause people want LCD. If price is a concern i'd try and find a good second hand CRT.
  2. Backlight or more commonly the inverter sounds like its blown. This controls the brightness control by putting more or less wattage through the light. However, when they are gone its extremely hard to see the picture onscreen.

    Good reason for them to goto OLED displays as these dont require such parts.
  3. Yeah. I have a one year old 19'CRT I'll sell ya for $60. I had to replace the monitor or the desk it was sitting on. The wife said do what ever, so I scored.
  4. Its time to go LCD, you'll love how rich the colors are and more desktop space. :)
  5. systemlord said:
    Its time to go LCD, you'll love how rich the colors are and more desktop space. :)

    You'll get rich colors if you avoid those cheap ass monitors that uses TN panels which has basically infected just about all sizes of LCD monitors. Basically that means you'll have to avoid all 22" monitors with the exception of the Lenovo ThinkVision L220x; which is about $500.

    As for 24" monitors, basically any monitor selling for less than $575 online basically uses a cheap ass TN panel; unless it's on sale.
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