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I just reinstalled my Windows XP Professional and reformatted my hard drive. I have an Audigy 2 ZS card and I installed everything on the original software and drivers cd. I have Logitech z5300 5.1 speakers. After I installed the drivers I noticed a big difference in sound quality than before when I had the previous installation of Windows with newer Creative drivers and software. I think the subwoofer was working a lot better than it used to. On my old Windows, when I went to Speaker Settings and to calibrate, I heard no sound coming from my subwoofer. However, I remember a long time ago I used to be able to hear sound coming from it when I went to calibrate.

I decided to install the new drivers from the Creative site and after doing so, the sound was a lot more flat and boring. I went to calibrate, and just like before, the subwoofer wasn't making any sound when I tried to calibrate it, even though all five speakers were working fine. I think the subwoofer itself is working fine but the sound card is making it not work very well. When I turn the subwoofer up or down when listening to music on my speaker controller, I can hear it get more or less bassy. However if I turn off all the speakers except the subwoofer in the Audigy settings, I can't hear anything. The only time I can hear it alone is when i click 'noise' on the speaker settings and it goes through each setting with noise. I know it must be hooked up right because I can hear it then. Also, all the speakers wires, power, and controller are connected to the sub. The sub and the centre speaker share the same cord too, and the centre speaker is working fine.

I tried changing settings and I can't get it to sound as good as it did before I updated the driver and software with the newest ones on the internet rather than the ones on the original cd. So I figured I would just reinstall the original ones. I uninstalled everything related to Creative on my computer, and the sound card drivers, and when I tried to install from the cd again it said, 'Audigy card not recognised, please make sure it is correctly installed and try again,' and it wouldn't install those drivers, even though it worked the first time. I knew it couldn't be installed improperly because I hadn't even opened the computer case, and I checked to make sure anyway, but it said the same message again. Then I tried installing the newer drivers and they worked, but the only problem was the sound still wasn't very good and the subwoofer still wasn't recognised in the calibration, and it didn't make a difference in sound when I changed the subwoofer volume using the Audigy controls, even though it did when I used my hardware speaker controller. So I tried installing everything on the original cd over the newer drivers, and it worked, until it got to around 80 or 90% and shut down the computer. It installed the drivers I think, and about half the software (like the EAX control and Speaker calibration setting controls), but the THX panel and regular equalizer panel didn't get installed, even though I told it to install them.

I just want the sound quality to go back to how it was with the original settings, but it seems like that there's no way to get it to go back after installing the newer drivers. Can anyone please help because I'm stumped. Thanks!!

Also, I don't have the analog cable plugged into my cd player from the sound card, but that shouldn't matter if I'm not listening to a cd, right?

No matter how I adjust the settings, the subwoofer never sounds very good, but it's definitely working. Before I got the new drivers it sounded great so I think the sound card is just not sending it the right signals or something.
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  1. hi, i had the same problem with my creative xfi, its the updated drivers and once you install them theses no way setting it up back, even with a complete uninstal and deleting files. Only fix i found was to format my pc and install the standard cd drivers, then use windows update to install the latest drivers. But even then sometimes the sub was not makin any noise. Long method but it will work. Good luck
  2. Are you serious?? There's no other way to fix it besides reformatting? I finally just got all my data back and my settings back to normal and I don't have enough time to format everything again, so if there's any other way I hope someone can please tell me.
  3. Install the "youp pay pax 2007" -google it. fixed it for me.

    And got me the XFI console on X64 :)
  4. thanks so much yay! that fixed it :D
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