Overclocking E7200 w/ stock cooling

I was wondering what people on average have been able to overclock the E7200 to with the factory default stock intel cooler. If you have seen or have done this yourself with 100% stable results please tell me what you saw/got. I heard you could reach 3.16 GHz with stock voltage/cooler. Im going to shoot for that 3.16 mark if I hear good things from people. Thanks for looking.
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  1. nobody? Hmmm
  2. 2.5 hours is not nearly long enough to complain about no response yet...
    Good luck!
  3. But Im trying to load the OS now =P but I may have a hard drive problem...Vista says it could not format the drive then I rebooted and now it doesn't detect the drive at all, I used a XP disk and checked if it detected it and it did but only as 125 GB not 320 GB, Im going t try vista again...
  4. Can't really say about a stock cooler. I have heard you can get at least 3.3 -3.6 ghz with acceptable temps using a stock cooler because depending on your chip it doesn't need much more vCore. Most people put a better cooler on it so they can take advantage of it's OCing ability. OC mine to 3.16ghz didn't increase the temps more 1-2c with an Arctic 7 Pro at load.
  5. my e8400 is at 3.6 with stock cooler and runs fine. Y dont you jus try it and see for yourself. Maybe your lucky and have a processor that will overclock to 1000000 Ghz without ever having to increase the voltage. Then the stock heatsink will still do fine.
  6. I have been able to overclock mine to 3.8 Ghz but on a zalman cooler.

    9.5 x 400 with a 1.350 voltage

  7. Hey Grim -- what are your temps with that zalman?

    I Oc'd my e7200 on a stock intel cooler (from a e2160) and I got to 3ghz @ 62 C at load using orthos.

    Thats a bit hot for my taste so I go out and buy an OCZ vendetta two (same thing as the xigmatek s2138 or whatever) and I've got temps going from 48 @ idle and 62 C @ full load. F that crap-- SO I re seat it 2x-- same temps.

    I blame it on those damned 775 pushpins and no retention bracket!!! btw I am using ocz freeze as my TIM.

    I am currently in the market for a cooler that doesnt suck--any suggestions?
  8. I just got a e7200, and with a Zalman CNPS9700 LED, my OC to 3.4 Ghz (slight Vcore increase to 1.1) brings it to a max of 53/54C after 10 hours of orthos. At idle load, my core sensors seem stuck at 38 C, but speedfan reports the CPU sensor to be 27C. It makes sense that core temps are only really 2-5C above that, so it'd be about 29-32C at idle. This is at ambient temperatures of 25 to 27C as well. I haven't tried pushing it any further; 36% overclock is good enough for me.
  9. i've overclocked E7200 tested now with prime95 for about 5 hours, no error so far.

    CPU: E7200
    M/B: Gigabyte GA-EG31MF-S2
    Ram: 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer LED
    CPU Heasink: AeroTherm FZ120
    VGA: XFX Nvidia 6800GT 256MB

    Speed: 3.6Ghz (8x450)
    Memory Multiplier: 2.0
    CPU Vcore: 1.35
    DDR2: +0.1

    Window Experience Index:

    CPU: 5.8
    Memory: 5.9
    Graphic: 5.9
    Gaming Graphic: 5.4
    Primary Harddisk: 5.7
  10. Terrian, what are your core temps with that?
  11. SpeedFan reported CPU is 42C when under load, running Prime 95. Idle at 36-38C.

    So far so good, Prime95 still running strong showing no errors.

    Core0: 54C
    Core1: 58C
  12. 3.4 is a garantee on stock cooler. I have done many. Some will go 3.6 but not many. Everyone I have done do 3.4 on stock with good temps.
  13. roadrunner197069 said:
    3.4 is a garantee on stock cooler. I have done many. Some will go 3.6 but not many. Everyone I have done do 3.4 on stock with good temps.

    What voltages do you use? CPU NB FSB and PLL?
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