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Ok so I plan on overclocking my E7200 to 3.16 GHz w/ stock cooler, I actually plan on having this computer stick around for 4-5 years. Will the overclock most likely severely lower the lifespan of my CPU and if so what can I expect its life to be?
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  1. I have asked this questions too lately and they tell me a lot depends on your particular CPU and CPU cooler. Both Intel and AMD build healthy CPU's and they include room for 'some' overclock. Most seem to agree, if done correctly following guides availailable on these forums, the CPU can stand 'some' overclock continuously without any loss of life. If you go too far then you risk lockups and reboots.
  2. Ok well I understand that I can't even have a guarantee from anybody the sun will even rise tomorrow but it sounds like if I go ahead with the 3.16 GHz on the stock cooler I can expect the 4-5 years to go by with out a hitch assuming I do the overclock correctly. Anyone disagree with that statement?
  3. As long as the temps and voltages aren't too high, 4 ~ 5 years seems quite reasonable.
  4. Let's put it this way: don't use it for anything that would be hurt if it fails or doesn't work quite right, but for gaming, web surfing, etc it should be fine. At worst, you'll just buy another CPU.
  5. There will not be any issue.
    Just watch out for "Auto-Voltage" which may push the voltage too high for no reason.
  6. You can clock it as high as you want without risking anything. The things that kills it is heat and voltage. Just stay at or below the recommended voltage and temps and it will last way beyond 5 years. It will also probably live past 5 years by just staying under the maximum voltage and temp.

    I have a E6400 at 3.2GHZ and 1.41V with a max temp of 72C (TAT) or 68(Orthos) that has been running for just about 2 years with no problems what-so-ever. It even idles as 45C.
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