GA-P35C-DS3R Rev2.0 - Noob BIOS Question

Hokay, feel noobish asking this but can't find answers elsewhere after MUCH searching.
My mobo is set up with a WD Raptor (boot drive) and a DVDRW on the Intel SATA ports and 2 IDE drives on the IDE channel.
What's driving me nuts is - what is the absolutely correct setup for this hardware in the Integrated Peripherals section of the BIOS? In particular the two settings for SATA AHCI mode and SATA Control Mode.
I've tried various combinations but obviously I want the best performance from my system. It also concerns me that HDTune shows the Raptor supports UDMA Mode 6 but only UDMA Mode 5 is active.
Any and all suggestions much appreciated.
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  1. I suggest you use IDE mode for the SATA drives, unless you are using Vista.
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