Q6600 with a Maximus II Formula Mobo


I have a Q6600 with a Maximus II Formula Mobo and am looking to OC my CPU.
My mobo has something called "CPU Level-Up" - should I use this to OC my CPU?

Also what tool can I use to monitor my CPU temps?

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  1. I have the same board, and you'll have no problem as long as you have good RAM and a decent CPU cooler.
    I'm running a E6750 @3.66 WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!!!!
    Read this:
    The Asus P5K they use is similar enough to get you started and if you don't tinker with the voltages this is more than enough. BTW JumperFree Configuration is the equivalent of Extreme Tweaker on the Maximus II.
    Also I suggest Core Temp to monitor CPU temps and the PC Probe II (included w/software) has proven good for MB/NB temps.
  2. if you have never overclocked before and ur a snob use auto overclocking. enough said
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