Liquid cooling kit suggestions

I need a good performance liquid cooling kit. I am new to liquid cooling.

I was thinking about the 760i big water but im not sure yet. I felt like asking you guys first. I am also on a budget of around the same price of the 760i.
So any ideas?

New system
Q6600 Will Oc to over 3.2ghz
2x8800gt sli Oc 650/950
680i lt sli mobo
2x2gb Ocz sli-ready (5-5-5-15)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250gb
Scorpio 868 Case.
neo power 550watt
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  1. Best Idea is to look at some sites that sell water cooling setups, such as: or
    either of these sites should be able to help. (or hinder, if you decide to build 1 piece at a time)
  2. I just got a Swifttech H2O 220 Kit off the Egg for around 130$. I love it. It's got some great reviews as well. I think you will find that the Bigwater 760 will perform as well as a High end air cooler. Read some reviews and check some sites.
  3. If you want a good kit I would suggest something like this which is a good kit with good expandability at a very good price. The H2O 220 has gotten very good reviews but with my suggestion you have a conventional water cooling setup that you can expand or change as your needs change. Or for $380 you can get an all in one system like this that includes everything you'll need.
  4. That Swiftech kit is a very good performer with the components included, and has plenty of ability to add a GPU cooler if you want to keep a single radiator setup.

    Stay away from the Bigwater kits. They have weak pumps, small tubing and fairly non-compatible fitting sizes meaning you may not be able to use them if you got a different pump/tubing sizes.

    That pump in the Swiftech kit is used in many mid to higher class kits...I have a DangerDen version of it and it pushes a ton of
  5. ^+1 for the SwifTech.
  6. I have my Q6600 at 4ghz right now on water.

    You might look into getting a northbridge block if you can find one...they get pretty hot when you start pushing them...stability is needed.

    I have my 9800gtx on a Swiftech MCW60 block...I think with the G92 chips (8800gt included), you don't need the G80 adapter (my 8800gts 640 did, though)
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