My connection has always been acting funny...

I don't know if it's my ISP (Comcast) up to their usual traffic shaping tricks, but this is getting annoying. I often times have to reset my wireless WRT54G router by pulling the plug and reconnecting it to get my speed back up. Using the World of Warcraft downloader to get patches I'll get 750 Kb/s, then all of a sudden it'll drop down to 60Kb/s. If I restart my router the speed will go back up. I don't know if it is because it is bit torrent or not, but this should not be happening. Could it possibly be my router? I have the custom Tomato firmware, ports forwarded correctly, and static IP addresses assigned.
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  1. I had problems similar to yours. I would be surfing just fine or downloading and all of a sudden nothing. Reset of the router brought it back. Picked up a new router and no problems.
    In your case, was it working fine before you put in the hacked firmware? Did it ever work correctly?
    How many tvs do you have running off the cable line? Could be a weak single due to too many splits.
  2. It was actually worse before the firmware. It would completely lock out my internet after 10 minutes. Now my internet just gets slower with downloads, web browsing and playing games seems fine. I'm thinking of getting a new router, any suggestions? I heard wireless N is overkill but I'd get a better signal strength.
  3. I have a d-link, can't remember model # at work right now. Been working just fine now for over a year. Wireless N is fine if you have something to use it. For surfing the web G is just fine.
  4. On the flip side of all of this, today is website upload day and the database macro has decided to give me a bunch of problems. The customer changed their website two weeks ago and without warning eliminated one of the options for downloading payment information. It would be no big deal, except our database requires this information to be in that particular format in order for it to run correctly. Otherwise it doesn't work.
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