Cooling - New Fan Needed, Watercooling?

I've recently un-overclocked my pc and heres why:
I had my cpu (a 2.4ghz Core2Duo) clocked up to 3.0Ghz (333x9).
This was extremely stable and worked extremely well.

I didn't set my bios back to default because of stability or anything like that.
It dawned on me how noisy the fan was on my cpu, a Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Fan.
It was running at 2,900 rpm, now i've set my cpu back to default its running at a mere 4,39rpm.

So the problem here must be a inadequate noisy fan.

Could anyone recommend a better, quieter fan?
Or is moving over to Water Cooling the only way to quiet my Pc.

Thanks In Advance,
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    how about that, it's so huge it could prob run slow..?
  2. I just stumbled across this...

    With 1 or even 2 120mm fans fitted this could work?
  3. Watercooling might be a little excessive for what you are wanting...a good air cooler would be more along the lines of what you are looking for. I know many people have good things to say about the Xigmatek, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 and the Thermalright TRUEs.
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