Can't get SLI to work

Hi All,

Just about done with my first build, was quite a pain. I was hoping to do it all my self but I havent been able to find any info on this.

I have a eVGA 780i Mobo
vista 64
2 8800gt
4 gigs of ram

In the hardware management I'm getting an error 10 message saying that one of my video cards cannot be started. Vista's performance measurement tool also rates my video card as 1 when two of them are installed and a 5.9 when only one card is installed. I found system 10 errors for sound card solutions but none for SLi. Upon further review I found on the very bottom of the bios main page screen, that is says "Sli memory detected - Disabled". Now I have found the problem, but nowhere in the bios could I find where to enable it.

Some help would be greatly appreciated, as soon as I get this issue resolved, I can close the case and get to playing games.

Thanks all.
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  1. I viewed the PDF file on that MB. Seems you need to find the FBS & Memory Config Menu.

    It should be the very first selection on disabling/enabling it.
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