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Hi, I have a question that I hope someone can help me with... I have an IBM laptop running XP professional. I leave it on 24hrs. a day for varios reasons. Today when I went to the laptop there was a balloon coming from the icon tray. It said that a very important security component had been downloaded to my computer. Furthermore, it stated that my computer had been restarted to make the component functionable. To me this is very sketchy, and I want to know what was down loaded. How can I find out? Thanx, C.
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    There was an out-of-phase update for the .NET framework (3.5);
    If you go to Windows Update there should be an option to view the update history, or you can view it from Add-Remove in Control Pannel.
  2. Hey thanx for takin' the time... As you have probably seen, this is my first post as a newcomer. To make matters worse, I can fit my computer knowlege in a thimble.
    I think I can handle your advice. Lets see what I might find.
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