Need good mobo, case, and PS for dual Harpertown CPUs.

I'm really shooting for quiet here as I'm very sensitive to sound. Would prefer a motherboard that will fit into an Antec Sonata case (already have 3 machines in that case, and I love it). SLI is not a requirement. Also I'm probably going to need 600+ Watts. What's the quietest power supply in this range? Any thoughts?
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  1. The Antec Sonta won't handle socket 771 Extended-ATX motherboards like the SuperMicro X7DWA $500.
    (also remember FB-DIMMs for 771 server motherboards)

    For a quiet E-ATX case look at the CoolerMaster Cosmos $150 after rebate.
    Match that case with a Corsair HX-620 PSU $140 after rebate for a very quiet system.

    Zipzoomfly has the same Corsair HX-620 for $125 after rebate.

    Don't forget to analyze your actual computing requirements. It might be that two Kentsfield (single quad core) systems might be more effective (and less expernsive) than a single dual Harpertown setup.
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