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Alright, I've seem to have stumbled upon a weird problem. I recently bought a new computer for Warhammer Online. When trying to watch videos on, as I said in the title, it freezes for periods of 5-6 seconds. This goes on constantly every 10 second or so. When not in fullscreen, however, it runs smooth. I also noticed that when I installed Warhammer Online I'd get the same freezes in there, in both windowed and fullscreen. I've tried updating all kinds of drivers, and the reason I'm posting in here is because offline games like Call of Duty 4 and Spore is not having this problem. It's not a FPS problem, because according to Fraps I'm running a solid 40 FPS. I've tried changing internet cable, taking the computer to a friends house, even added two different network cards and it still wont work.

I'm running Windows XP Professional SP2 and I've tried updating to SP3. As I said, I'm fairly certain this is internet related somehow since offline games are working, but if I am wrong please redirect me to the correct forum.
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  1. How is your CPU usage when idle vs. when playing WAR. Also check your RAM usage.

    I doubt this is a network issue since you say youtube streams just fine with not in fullscreen as it does not consume any additional bandwidth in fullscreen vs. normal, it just takes the normal sized video and stretches it to fit the screen.
  2. CPU usage when WAR is on hasnt gone above 50%, while its at 1% when idle. I tried using Bandwidth Meter to measure things and noticed spikes that happend just as the freeze's began. I dont know if this bear any meaning, but watching my friends measure their's it seems much more stable, with mine I get gaps where its downloading and uploading 0 kbps.
  3. Thought I'd mention that I tried out Runescape, which is online too, and found that I had the same freeze's in there. CoD4 runs flawless, though.
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