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My friend called me with this problem and I do not know what to tell her. She is able to connect just fine until she hooks up her wireless router. She has called her ISP tech support and they tell her that when she does hook it up , they have to reset her modem; and to not use her wireless router. Does that even make sense? And why would tech support not have a solution? Can anybody here help? Thanks!
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  1. We'll need a little more information in order to help you. What do you mean she is unable to connect once the wireless router is set up? Is she not able to see the network with her computer, or is she still trying to connect using a LAN cable, this time just with the wireless router?
  2. Cable modem? She should power off the cable modem, connect the wireless router and then power up the cable modem followed by the wireless router. She might need to clone the MAC address of her PC.

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