5000+ blackie 250 x 12 possible?

Is 250 x 12 possible with the 5000+ Black edition?
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  1. maybe you have to lock your pci e bus @ 100 or what ever it is before overclocking your system
  2. Ill chek that out, thanks
  3. I am all ears to anyone who has tried this out
  4. I have a Thermalright XP-90 heatsink with a 92mm silenx fan. Iddle temps with OC of 240 x 12.5 is 38C and have 2gb ddr2 1066 or pc2 8500
  5. Anyways, its done I set it at 250 x 12 and got the mem up to 500mhz each. I ran 3dmark 06 pro with all the tests 3 times and got a lower score....does higher fsb and lower multiplier make the cpu go slower? I got 9818, last time got 9835 with 240x12.5 and higher with 200x15. Is there any thread with basic info on overclocking amd x2's?
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