Can't access BIOS at all

I've got a problem accessing BIOS. Ever since I got this system, I've never needed to enter BIOS, and therefore I never have. But now I'd like to access it, but I can't. When I boot up my system I don't get any white text, only some ad from MSI, (Low res picture with the caption "Extreme Core-cell chip you've ever needed").

I've got a MSI K9N nforce 570 SLI (Might be a 570 Ultra), and from what I've figured "Delete" is the key to press to access BIOS. When I press "Delete" before Windows starts loading, all I get is a black screen that stays like that, seemingly forever.
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  1. You might have to press it many times or hold it down. Check your MB manual to verify that Delete is the correct key to press.
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