New Build - 400w Enough?

So this is just a second computer built from a combination of old and new parts.

Existing parts:

Intel DG33TL Motherboard
Core 2 Duo E6300
Geforce 7950GT

New parts:

CORSAIR ValueSelect 2GB
Enermax 400w PSU

In the future I may want to turn this into an HTPC, replacing the video card with an 2600XT or 3850 and possibly adding a Bluray player. But I'm questioning if the Enermax 400w PSU is enough to power this system. Since this is just a spare computer I don't want to spend to much money but if you guys have suggestions on anything please be so kind to share them.

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  1. The Evga website recommends a 400watt PSU with 20amps of +12volts. EVGA 7950GT specs
    You should be good to go with that Enermax Liberty PSU.
  2. Should be fine, Enermax is a good PSU brand, and the PSU has 30A max +12v load, so that is plenty for a 7950GT system.
  3. Awesome thanks!
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