Widescreen LCD and my graphics card

We're upgrading our monitors at work, and I was thinking about getting a 20" widescreen; being able to display windows side by side, etc., would really be nice for the type of work I do.
The monitor's native resolution is 1680x1050, and my graphics card in an integrated Intel 910GL chipset. The closest ratio it appears to have to 16:10 is 1280x768, but I'm not sure if it is just displaying the possible resolutions for my current monitor (an old CRT).
My question is will the monitor look ok (not distorted, etc.) with my graphics card, or should I just get a standard 4:3 lcd?
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  1. Once you plug in the new monitor you may get better resolution options. Or you may need to d-load new driver for onboard video support.
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