How do i remove this virus... help please

ok i have got another bloody trojan horse. i have no idea how i got it.. i scanned before i went to sleep then i scanned again in the morning and boom a virus..

i scanned it with AVG, and here is the info:

Virus Name: Trojan horse delf.crf
path: C:\System Volume information\_restore{F177DDB6-51A9-4158-A0F6-4939C2A4F6DE}\RP40\A0026048.exe
Filename: A0026048.exe
File Size 616 KB

How do i remove it, i cant even get into that directory to delete it..?
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More about remove virus please
  1. To Remove Trojans, two things can be very helpful.

    #1 - Create a Local Account that is only a "User" and not an admin.

    (Net User Create Bob /add)..........from the command prompt.

    #2 - Boot in Safe Mode as "Bob" and try to run your Virust cleaning software.

    The "User" account with its limited rights will help prevent the virus from moving/stealthing about in most cases.

    Safe Mode can also limit some of that.

    If your AV software does not operate in safe mode, try just as "Bob".
  2. i'm not an expert on viruses, but in do know that those numbers with dashes are significant. might be worth your while to edit your post with those numbers. good luck with that virus. i always end up doing a format/reinstall.
  3. alright i shall add them.

    Is there anyway to delete the virus if avg has it in its 'virus vault'??
  4. ^yes

    Weren't you the guy who had had a similer problem before?
  5. sadly yes.. :( 8 viruses from a spyware doctor torrent.. = me having to wipe hard drive... 'cries' ..... iv had to do it 3 times in total now.. omfg not a fourth please...

    so please how do i get this ass hole of my computer
  6. That file is located in system restore. Just disable system restore, run your virus scan and if it's gone, turn system restore back on.
  7. I use avast.... and never had a virus actually infect my pc.

    Your going to need some good virus removal software, some patience, and might end up having to install windows again.. sorry.
  8. also, on the slim chance that this virus relies on or affects either the boot sector or the master boot record, you can rewrite both by rebooting with your xp install cd in and starting a reinstall. shortly into the install process you will be asked if you want to launch the recovery console. this is NOT the same as pressing F2 and starting the Automated Recovery Console, this is a little later in the install, but not too far in. you will get a screen and unlimited time to choose the option, so no worries. just type "help" when the command prompt comes up and you'll see options to rewrite the MBR and/or boot sector. slim chance this will work, but it's worth a try before you do a full wipe. also note that this will disable your ability to boot into an alternate OS if you're on a dual boot system. you can reinstall the boot loader or reconfigure the windows boot parameters later though, so not all would be lost. good luck and keep us posted.
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